25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 18 (6000/12000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th December 2015 @ 18:55


19:42: Double up for Lesley Devine through Stephen Ng.

19:33: The last 10 competitors:

19:32: Hand for Hand play here with 5 played on each table. Slowing the action down a bit as you'd expect.

19:28: Payouts so far and remaining prizes:

1st £11,350                        
2nd £7,370                        
3rd £4,730                        
4th £3,170                        
5th £2,190                        
6th £1,590                        
7th £1,250                        
8th £1,060                        
9th £940                
10th £830                
11th £760 Murray Lorimer
12th £680 Martin Hammond
13th £680 Peter Bethune
14th £600 Gary Gracey
15th £600 Adam Cowley

19:26: They're not messing around here. Murray Lorimer all in for about 200k with 66 and called by Honkiu's AT. Ten in the Window and no improvement for Murray. He's out in 11th for £760. Hand for hand play now before the final table.

19:23: First hand on the new table good for Ng. He calls Martin Hammond's 95k KJ shove with AJ and holds. Martin Hammond 12th for £680.

19:20: Now 6 handed on both tables after Ng is moved:

Table 1
Stephen Ng
Tom Gill
Murray Lorimer
Martin Hammond
Honkiu Lau
George Devine

Table 2
Jonny Gray
Derek Gray
Shaun Khan
Zengyi "Mr Chen" Huang
Lesley Devine
Ronnie Law

19:17: Peter Bethune out in 13th for £680. 12 left. Average now 394k.

19:12: Maximum pain for Gary Gracey as he gets the last of his chips all in on the 443 Flop with KK vs Tom Gill's KK. Turn T. River 6. Ouch. Gary Gracey 14th for £600.

19:09: Zengyi opens to 27k (150k behind), Ng (chunks behind) calls in position. Heads up. Flop QcQs2d. Check/Check. Turn 5h. Zengyi check/folds to an Ng bet.

19:07: Shaun limps, Zengyi Huang limps, Ng completes the SB and Ronnie shoves from the BB. Surprisinly he gets it through!

19:05: Fast and furious here! Ronnie opens to 30k (JJ) and Derek jams with AQ. Ronnie calls. Derek rivers a Queen to double up his shiny new 309k stack. He's now one of the chip leaders in 2 hands!  Ronnie looks like he's down to about 110k.

19:03: Dirty River for Ng. He raises to 25k with AQ and calls when Derek Gray shoves for 143k with A7. Double up for Derek when the 7 comes on the last card.

19:01: 14 players left. Average stack 338k.

19:00: Dennis K sends his congrats...

18:58: Adam Cowley jams all in for 150k (QJ). Jonny Gray calls in the BB with AQ and holds to send Adam home in 15th for £600.

18:57: On Table 2, Jonny Gray opens to 25k UTG. Ronnie Law calls in the BB. Flop Js8s4s. Ronnie check/folds to Jonny's bet.

18:56: All remaining players in the money now:

1st £11,350                        
2nd £7,370                        
3rd £4,730                        
4th £3,170                        
5th £2,190                        
6th £1,590                        
7th £1,250                        
8th £1,060                        
9th £940                
10th £830                
11th £760                    
12th £680                        
13th £680                        
14th £600                        
15th £600

18:55: Players back from the break and play has resumed.

6th December 2015 @ 19:00
Dennis Shaw
Congratulations to all for finishing in the money, another great response from Edinburgh, would think it would have been more runners but for the bridge being closed.
6th December 2015 @ 19:23
Ben Caird
Are we just gonna refer to this as the bad beat tourney?
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