25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 17 (5000/10000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th December 2015 @ 17:54


18:46: Latest approximate chip counts with 15 left.

Table 1
Shaun Khan 290k
Gary Gracey 100k
Tom Gill 280k
Peter Bethune 105k
Murray Lorimer 160k
Martin Hammond 110k
Honkiu Lau 790k
George Devine 490k

Table 2
Jonny Gray 200k
Derek Gray 160k
Zengyi "Mr Chen" Huang 200k
Adam Cowley 210k
Lesley Devine 400k
Stephen Ng 690k
Ronnie Law 460k

18:36: John McGlynn all in next hand with 7h5h vs Ronnie's AT and doesn't get there. Bubble burst! The crowd goes wild. Players on a 15 minute break.

18:35: The hand between John (KcKd) and Ronnie (AsKh) was a funny one. Ronnie thought John was all in when he put in about 140k and turned over his hand with about about 60k behind. John has that covered by a little bit. The floor is called and Ronnie is told the flop is going to come out and for the rest of the hand he can only Call or Fold. Ronnie then says "Well, obviously I'm going to go all in no matter what" and everyone laughs. The Flop comes all Hearts, Queen High. John, knowing what Ronnie has, can check it down safely but decides to shove. Ronnie calls. Turn 8d. River Ac. Ronnie hits the River and doubles up in this crucial hand.

18:34: John is still alive but down to about 20k. Still Hand for Hand.

18:32: John McGlynn loses with KK vs Ronnie Law's AK. Countdown in progress. Bubble could be burst here....

18:27: Lesley's stack dwarfed somewhat by her neighbour Ng's...

18:21: Some pics of the remaining players:

George Devine

Honkiu Lau

Gary Gracey

Peter Bethune

Ronnie Law

Murray Lorimer

Tom Gill

18:13: Peter Bethune all in with 44 for 61k and called by Shaun Khan with AT. Peter doubles though and we're still on the Bubble!

18:08: Dennis Shaw rooting for Ng:

18:06: Who do you fancy from the last 16? Let us know.

18:03: Shortest stack Martin Hammond (90k) gets a walk! He's happy.

18:02: Got the full APPROX chip counts on the Bubble:

Table 1
Shaun Khan 230k
Gary Gracey 180k
Tom Gill 300k
Peter Bethune 60k
Murray Lorimer 150k
Martin Hammond 90k
Honkiu Lau 880k
George Devine 500k

Table 2
Jonny Gray 280k
Derek Gray 170k
John McGlynn 250k
Zengyi "Mr Chen" Huang 260k
Adam Cowley 150k
Lesley Devine 330k
Stephen Ng 550k
Ronnie Law 280k

17:55: Stephen Ng. Plenty Chips.

17:54: The break is on hold while we continue Hand for Hand play on the Bubble. Will take 15 minutes once we lose one palyer.

6th December 2015 @ 18:13
Law for winner! Go Ronnie..! Don't take any sh#t from them.
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