25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 15 (3000/6000/600)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th December 2015 @ 16:19


16:55: Having a quick break for some food. Back soon xx

16:54: Had a wee look round the room for the biggest stacks with 22 left:

Honkiu Lau 650k
George Devine 320k
Ronnie Law 300k
Tom Gill 280k
Jonny Gray 280k
Zengyi "Mr Chen" Huang 250k
Stephen Ng 240k
Shaun Khan 240k
Peter Bethune 200k
Xia Ke 200k

16:47: Looks like Alan Baillie also just out from Table 3 as well. Think Ronnie Law was the dispatcher. Ronnie has over 300k now.

16:46: Don't forget to keep those #2525edinbugh tweets coming and also to comment on the blog if you have anything to say or if you'd like an update on a particular player. Here to help.

16:45: Stuart White out on Table 3. Down to 23.

16:43: Scott is all in next hand. Zengyi asks for a count in the BB. It's 36,800. Nice estimation skills for me there! Zengyi folds saying he had King High. Scott said it was ahead.

16:41: Adam Cowley jams, Scott "Big Daddy" Lunn re-jams. QQ vs TT. The Ladies hold and Adam doubles his 86k stack. Scott down to about 35k now and in trouble.

16:36: Dariusz Rossowski open-shoves from the Button. It's 58k. Derek Gray calls in the BB with TT. Dariusz has 22. No suckout is forthcoming and he hits the rail. 24 left. The money doesn't kick in till 15th though.

16:29: Another 3-way all in, on Table 2 this time. Lloyd Jack in trouble with 44 vs Adam Cowley's KQ (only 20k stack) and Derek Gray's JJ. Adam spikes a King to treble up and Derek wins the bigger side pot. Lloyd Jack out. 25 left.

16:26: Lost big Ian Swan from Table 3. He was all in and ahead pre-flop with AK vs AQ (Shaun Khan) and AJ (Alan Baillie). Middle stack Shaun flops a Flush and takes Ian out. Alan still alive.

16:21: The Final 27 competitors:

16:20: Down to 27. Recent exits include Neil Sneddon, Campbell Sarrison and Warren "Mal" Malcolm.Ll

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