25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 14 (2000/4000/400)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th December 2015 @ 15:27


16:18: We have a 7-handed 50p/£1 NL cashg game running so 2 seats open if anyone fancies a wee game.

16:14: Gary Bertam open-shoves for about 40k. Adam Cowley calls. It's JJ (Gary) vs AJ (Adam). The flop comes Jack High with 3 Spades and neither player has a Spade. Adam dead on the Turn and Gary doubles. Adam short now with about 30k.

16:13:  Dariusz Rossowski opens one and takes the blinds and antes.

16:12: Next hand in progress and Gary is still shaking his head over the last one. He may need counselling.

16:08: Nice pot for Stephen Ng vs Gary Bertram. They got it all in on the J97 flop with KK (Gary) vs 88 (Ng). A Ten on the River delivered the required suckout. Gary looks like he's down to 40k. Stephen has doubled to about 250k. Gary not best pleased.

16:01: Some other pics from my earlier run before the break:

Gary "Bomber" Bertram

Scott "Big Daddy" Lunn enjoying playing in his gravel pit (he asked me to write this, honest)

Stephen Ng & Dariusz Rossowski

Warren "Mal" Malcom & Alan Baillie

Dan Gormley

Lloyd Jack & Zengyi "Mr Chen" Huang

15:58: Dan Gormley opens to 8k UTG, Zengyi H calls in position and Gary B comes along from the BB. 3 way. Flop Jh9d8c. Checked to Zengyi who bets 14k. Gary folds, Dan folds too. Zengyi asks Scott Lunn (not in the hand) why he didn't play this time.

15:55: Scott Lunn shoves over the top of another Zengyi Huang open. Folds again. Zengyi says 2 times is enough and recommends that Scott doesn't do it again. Zengyi Huang is more commonly known as "Mr Chen" in the local poker community btw.

15:52: Gary Bertram opens to 8k, Adam Cowley 3bets to 20k from the SB. Gary thinks then 4bet jams for a bit over 100k more. Adam folds immediately.

15:51: Dariusz Rossowski open-shoves for 75k. No callers.

15:49: Lloyd Jack limps the SB and Zengyi H checks the BB. Zengyi wins it with a 6k Turn bet.

15:48: Next hand Zengyi makes it 8k (or maybe 9k) again and Scott Lunn shoves all in again! Zengyi folds again. The drama.

15:45: On Table 2, Zengyi Huang opens for 8k and Scott Lunn shoves for about 100k. Zengyi gives a trademark laugh and suggests that shoving is the only way Scott can play. Scott doesn't seem concerned as he drags in the pot. Zengyi folded.

15:37: Back in business. Some recent eliminations from before the break include Stuart McNally, Andrew Hawksby, Graham Pilkington and Rafal Karwowski. Graham Williams has just gone now. 30 left.

15:29: Dennis Kennedy added to his list of 15 players that he'd like to win...

15:27: Full chip counts with 31/49/189 left. Chip leader looks like Honkiu Lau with 310k.

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