25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 13 (1500/3000/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th December 2015 @ 14:32


15:16: Stefan Rozanski's picks....

15:13: Start of day chip leader, Peter Bethune, lost most of his stack with J9 vs 55 on a 995 Flop. Honkiu Lau was the recipient of his chippies. Peter said "Back to the drawing board".

15:12: Break in 5 mins. Enjoy it.

15:10: David Weeks out from Table 4. He shoved his last 18k with Ad4d and was called by Martin Hammond before Lesley Devine re-shoved for about 100k more. Martin folded and Lesley tabled 55 which held up. Martin appeared to be unhappy at her isolation shove and showed signs of frustration.

14:58: Break coming up in 15 mins. Will get the big chip counts then. Off round the room to take some photos now. Back in a bit xx

14:55: Zengyi Huang opens to 7k, Adam Cowley shoves for 80 something thousand. Zengyi tank/folds saying he had TT.

14:54: Gary Bertram opens to 7k UTG, no callers. Gary has a nice score for $36,000 in Las Vegas over the Summer.

14:53: Scott Lunn opens the SB to 8k into Stephen Ng. Stephen calls. Flop 8c8s6c. Scott bets 10k, Stephen lays it down. Stpehen has won a couple of tour side events in Edinburgh recently.

14:52: The normal Maybury Sunday 6pm tournament is on tonight if anyone fancies a dash. A few players waiting for cash action too at the moment.

*** Sunday £1250 GTD Dealer Dealt Tournament ***

Today's tournament kicks off at the early start of 6pm tonight with registration open from 5pm.

£30 + £5 Entry (18,000)

Registration is open until approx. 8.20 pm!

14:51: Our last leg champ Gary Laing is out. All in for his 40k stack pre-flop with AQ vs Dan Gormley's 88. Dan flopped a Full House and Gary couldn't sneak through the back door to survive. Down to 34.

14:50: The Table 2 approx stacks:

14:43: Relocated next to Table 2. Good hand to start. Gary Bertram has opened to 7k, called by Gary Laing then 3bet to 23k on the Button by Dan Gormley. Back to Gary and he 4bet shoves for what looks like about 130k. Gary folds but Dan in the tank here. He eventually gives it up.

14:42: Rafal Karwowski eliminated by Honkiu Lau. 36 remain. Long way to the £600 min-cash for 15th though.

14:40: Scott Lunn given a 2-hand penalty for asking to go to the toilet on Table 2. Apparently he was involved in a hand and asked if he could go to the toilet when action was on another player so was deemed to be signaling his intent to fold out of turn.

14:37: The latest seating arrangements:

14:36: Lisa Ferris just knocked out from Table 1 too.

14:34: Recent eliminations include Gustavus Watt, Colin McConaghy, David Gillies and John Kelly.

14:32: Third level of the day. 38/49/189 remain. 15 minute break after this level when we'll get the chip counts.

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