25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 12 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th December 2015 @ 13:45


14:29: Lisa Ferris opens to 5.5k, Honiu 3bets in position to 12.2k (70k behind). Lisa peels (about the same stack). Flop 8s6s2d. Lisa checks, Honkiu bets 11.5k. It's a winner. He shows AsKs for the big draw. Lisa says she had AJ.

14:25: Jonny Gray opens to 5k, Rafal and Tom call in the blinds. Flop JcJd7d. Checked to Gray who bets 5k. Rafal snap-calls, Tom calls after a short think. Turn 7s. Checked to Gray again and he checks it back. River Ks. Rafal checks, Tom now leads for 12k. Gray makes a big raise, looks like maybe 50k on top. Both opponents fold quickly.

14:24: Tom Gill tries again, 5k UTG this time. Honki Lau calls on the Button as does Rafal K in the BB. 3 way. Flop Td5s4d. Checked around. Turn 4h. Rafal chucks in 6k, Tom folds as does Honkiu. Winner.

14:23: Tom Gill opens to 5k, Jonny Gray 3bets in the cut-off to 12.5k. Back to Tom and he folds.

14:22: Lisa limps the SB, Honkiu shoves. No call.

14:21: Dennis hedging his bets a bit with picking a winner today...

14:20: Neil tries 6k again, Peter Berthune calls in position and Lisa likes it from the BB. 3 way. Flop AcTc7s. Checked to Peter and he bets 7k. Wins it.

14:19: Chip counts will be forthcoming at the end of the next Level (#13).

14:16: Neil Sneddon makes it 6k, Tom Gill calls in position and Jonny Gray comes along in the BB. 3 way. Flop JsJh4d. Checked around. Turn 9c. Jonny bets 10k, both players call. River 6h. Jonny bets 20k, Neil folds, Tom quickly calls. Jonny tables A9 for Two Pair but Tom has JdTd for Trips and takes it down.

14:14: Walk for Murray Lorimer from Peter Bethune there. Peter started with the chip lead today but hasn't been getting involved much at all so far. Looks like he still has about 180k though.

14:12: Jonny Gray opens to 5k and Lisa Ferris jams the lot (maybe 55k). No call.

14:11: Tom Gill looks like he's up to about 250k after his recent rush.

14:09: Murray Lorimer opens to 5.5k mid-position, Honkiu calls on the Button, Neil Sneddon calls in the SB and Rafal K comes along in the BB. 4 way. Flop Ah7d3d. Neil checks, Rafal shoves all in for about 60k. Nae callers.

14:07: Jonny Gray just moved into Table 1 as well. Rafal tries another open, 5k this time UTG. Tom Gill 3bets to 12k on his immediate left. Back to Rafal (maybe 70k behind) and he calls. Flop 9c9h8s. Rafal check/folds to Tom's c-bet.

14:06: Tom Gill opens to 7k, no contest.

14:05: Rafal K opens to 6.3k mid-position, new to the table Murray Lorimer 3bets the Button to 17.5k, Rafal gives it up.

14:04: Dennis still following the blog from home.

14:02: Dundee leg winner from May, Rob Franks, sends his good wishes to all players.

13:57: John Angus out! He shoved A2 and was called by Neil Sneddon's 99. Neil flopped a Set and John was dead on the Turn.

13:53: Dany Coll opens for 5k UTG (55k behind), Tom Gill on his immediately left (90k behind) calls then Rory Henderson 3bets shoves for 49k. Back to Dany and he shoves all in. Tom calls quickly. It's a trap! Tom has AA, Dany TT and Rory KK. The Aces hold and Tom eliminates 2 players!

13:52: Rafal Karwowski opens to 4.8k UTG with about 90k behind. Lisa calls on the Button with less. Flop QcJc9s. Rafal checks, Lisa bets 7k, Rafal folds.

13:51: Lisa raises from the SB next hand and Honkiu revenge-shoves. She folds. He shows 22.

13:47: Honkiu opens for 6.1k UTG, new to the table Lisa Ferris shoves all in from the BB. Looks like about 75k. Honkiu has about 90k. He stands up and has a walk around by his chair. Asks for a count. Think it's closer to 65k. He folds saying he will definitely call next time. He says he had 88. Lisa says she had 55. He jumps out of his chair in disgust. Everyone laughs.

13:46: Honkiu Lau opens for 3.5k and Dany Coll shoves for 47.5k. Honkiu tank/folds showing AJ and says "That's the last time".

6th December 2015 @ 13:55
How many left and who is chip leader
6th December 2015 @ 14:00
41/49/189 left. Will get the chip counts at next break after Level 13.
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