25/25 Edinburgh IV - Flight C - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2015 @ 22:08


23:00: Plenty of chips for Scott Lunn:

22:56: Play has slowed right down here. Still 16 left.

22:49: Martin Hammond tries a 3-barrel bluff vs Scott Lunn. Scott doesn't give up his Top Pair. Wins a nice pot. The River bet was 21.5k. Martin had 52o, which was Bottom Pair but he was clearly not going for value there. That strategy chat with Adam clearly didn't have the desired effect.

22:48: David Weeks opens to 3k UTG, Neil Sneddon calls to his immediate left, Graham Williams calls too (also in position). Flop Ks8h2d. David leads for 7k. Both opponents fold.

22:45: Martin Hammond and Adam Cowley talking a bit of strategy at the table. Not sure which one is the pupil though.

22:42: Anyone still reading this? Say Hello in the comments please.

22:40: James Henry out. His 44 no good all in pre-flop vs Graham Laing's A2. Graham hit a Flush. 16 remain.

22:39: The last 2 tables in progress:

22:34: Dariusz Rossowski opens to 3k in the cut-off. Maurice Wigham and Robert Gray call from the blinds. Flop 9c5s2h. Checked to Dariusz and he bets 4k. Maurice folds, Robert calls. Heads up. Turn Kh. Robert checks, Dariusz bets 7k. Good enough to win it. He shows 99 for a Flopped Set.

22:32: James Henry shoves for about 12k, Graham Laing re-shoves about 28k. It's KQ vs AK. Ends in a chop as both make a Straight.

22:29: James Henry opens to 2.6k and John McGlynn jams all in again. James folds. John really putting his chips to work after that last break.

22:27: Lost Kenneth MacDonald from Table 1.

22:26: Robert Gray raises to 3k in mid-position, John McGlynn james the lot from the BB. Robert folds.

22:23: John McGlynn all in for 14k with A3 and doubles up through James Henry, who called with KQ from the BB and missed.

22:21: Breaking news about the Forth Road Bridge closure...

22:19: Back in action. Dennis hoping that his namesake can get things moving in the last 2 levels:

22:10: Full chip counts with 18/56 left. 2 x 40 minute levels to play.

Table 1
Neil Sneddon 155k
Kenneth MacDonald 27k
Scott Lunn 150k
Graham Williams 40k
Rafal Karowski 36k
Zengyi "Mr Chen" Huang 52k
Martin Hammond 80k
Adam Cowley 180k
David Weeks 23k

Table 2
Derek Gray 185k
James Hendry 28k
Graham Laing 25k
John McGlynn 14k
Gary Campsie 90k
Dariusz Rossowski 100k
Dennis Kennedy 25k
Maurice Wigham 50k
Robert Gray 130k

5th December 2015 @ 22:48
Warren "MAL" Malcolm
Hello... Lol... Awesome blog.... Looking forward to tomorrow...
5th December 2015 @ 22:51
Cheers Warren. We start back at 1pm.
5th December 2015 @ 23:40
Dennis shaw
Here till the bitter end
25th January 2016 @ 11:47
Was this at Genting Casino Glasgow?
Replied by Martin J Smith on 25th January 2016 @ 21:50
No, the 25/25 Series events are a Grosvenor thing. This was at the Maybury Casino in Edinburgh.
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