25/25 Edinburgh IV - Flight C - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2015 @ 21:24


22:02: Break time. Chip counts coming soon.

21:58: The Final 18:

21:54: Moving along quickly here and down to 18 players over 2 tables. Meanwhile, Dennis Kennedy has just spilled a full pint of blackcurrent cordial all over the floor. This blog doesn't skimp on the important details of the game you know.

21:53: Last break of the day in 10 minutes.

21:48: Large pot on table 1 seeing 3 players all in pre-flop. Scott spikes a King to treble up. Thomas wins the small side pot and Hamed is out.

  • Scott Lunn AsKs (about 46k)
  • Thomas Naylor QQ (about 52k)
  • Hamed Nekjeh J9o (about 35k)

21:43: Final prize pool confirmed as £37,800. 189 entries. 15 prizes.

1st £11,350                        
2nd £7,370                        
3rd £4,730                        
4th £3,170                        
5th £2,190                        
6th £1,590                        
7th £1,250                        
8th £1,060                        
9th £940                
10th £830                
11th £760                    
12th £680                        
13th £680                        
14th £600                        
15th £600  

21:38: Lloyd Jack sending some love to his friends on the other side (of the bridge):

21:38: Tommy Noble just out there. All in for very short stack with JT vs Graham Laing's AT and no improvement.

21:28: Down to 3 tables:

21:27: The cash game is 50p/£1 NL btw.

21:25: It feels great, to be at Level 8. Should be even more fine, once we reach Level 9.

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