25/25 Edinburgh IV - Flight C - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2015 @ 20:25


21:20: Cash game just started now in the poker room. The Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) is available if you are playing in it and lose a hand with AAATT or better. You'd get 40% of the current total fund if you did so about £15,000. No bad.

21:19: Somebody tweet something with #2525edinburgh or I'm going home :-(

21:17: Marius Varanavicus out from Table 1. Looks like Adam Cowley did the damage.

21:16: Tommy Noble in trouble with about 6k remaining. Short Stack Pro though and usually finds a way to spin it back up.

21:14: David Weeks shoves for 15.5k UTG. Folds to Dennis Kennedy in the SB and he thinks about it with QcJc but eventually folds. David shows QQ.

21:13: Gavin McGuire out.

21:10: On Table 2, John McGlynn opens to 1.8k on the Button, Dennis Kennedy defends from the BB. Flop AcKs4s. Both check. Turn 9h. Dennis bets 2.8k, wins it.

21:03: Neil Sneddon's unusual stacking technique known as "The Sausage":

20:55: Davie Gallagher out next hand all in with 98 vs Martin Hammond's AT and couldn't get there.

20:54: On a Flop of Tc6d4c Hamed Nikjeh (pictured below) jams for 54k after Davie Gallagher raises his initial bet. Davie makes the call with KTo for Top Pair. Hamed shows T3 for the same Top Pair but with kicker problems. Huge pot! Turn 5, River 2 and Hamed gets out of jail with a miracle back door Straight! Davie down to about 6k.

20:52: Marius V all in for 21k on the Turn with 55 (Board AA5-3) and is called by Hamed N with Q7 (Queen High). Double up for Marius. He won our last leg in Aberdeen, defeating Ross Loggie heads up.

20:49: Iain Farrell (right) doubles up with KK all in pre-flop vs Zengyi Huang with AsTs. Iain had 21k before the hand so back in business now.

20:45: Wai Chan out from Table 3.

20:44: Tweet with #2525edinburgh and I'll be very grateful.

20:43: Super shortie (4k) Ross Loggie out.

20:42: Back in action and Marius V opens to 1.7k on the Button. Martin H calls in the BB. Flop K86 and Martin folds to a c-bet.

20:37: Full (approx) chip counts for all players:

Table 1
Neil Sneddon 136k
Dylan Kirby 50k
Thomas Naylor 42k
Marius Varanavicius 27k
Hamed Nikjeh 61k
Martin Hammond 61k
David Gallagher 70k

Table 2
Adam Cowley 75k
James Hendry 45k
Graham Laing 35k
John McGlynn 40k
Gary Campsie 60k
Steven Bangham 10k
Tommy Noble 11k
Dennis Kennedy 50k
David Weeks 18k

Table 3
Graham Williams 17k
Wai Chan 20k
Maurice Wigham 75k
James Muir 25k
Iian Farrell 20k
Dariusz Rossowski 40k
Kenneth MacDonald 57k
Zengyi "Mr Chen" Huang 65k

Table 4
Gavin McGuire 7k
Rafal Karowski 21k
Robert Gray 111k
Gordon Cuthhill 10k
Derek Gray 95k
Stephen Wood 14k
Scott Lunn 40k
Ross Loggie 4k

20:25: Players on a 15 minute break. Chip counts coming soon. Ian Tweedie out just before we finished there.

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