25/25 Edinburgh IV - Flight C - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2015 @ 19:45


20:25: Break time!

20:20: Hamed opens for 2.3k, Ian Tweedie calls, Davie G calls, Thomas Naylor (BB) calls. Flop AsQc4d. Thomas checks, Hamed bets 4k, Ian calls, the other 2 fold. Heads up to the Turn which is 6d. Hamed checks, Ian shoves all in for a bit less than 25k. Hamed folds. Martin Hammond, to Hamed's left, suggests that he slows down a bit saying "It's only Day 1".

20:18: Hamed opens next hand for 2k, Ian Tweedie calls then Davie G 3bets to 7k on the Button. Back to Hamed and he calls. Ian likes it too. Flop JsTh4h. Hamed checks, Ian checks, Davie shoves all in for loads (maybe 60k, which Hamed has covered). Both opponents folds. Davie shows AA.

20:17: Open from Thomas Naylor, 3bet to 3.5k from Hamed Nikjeh and a 4bet to 13k from Thomas. Hamed gives it up.

20:14: Break after this level and I'll get some chip counts for y'all. 10 minutes to go.

20:09: Blow for Davie Gallagher. He flopped a Straight with T8 on QJ9 but lost to Thomas Naylor's AT when a King hit the Turn. The last of Naylor's chips went in on the River and he got a  full double up. David G still has plenty with about 90k. Thomas on about 45k.

20:06: We currently have 34/56 players remaining today.

20:02: Martin Hammond opens to 1.5k UTG+1, Davie Gallagher calls in position as does Neil Sneddon. Thomas naylor comes along from the SB too. Flop AhKd4s. Thomas checks, Martin bets 2.7k, Davie calls, Neil calls, Thomas folds. Still 3 players. Turn 3s. Martin checks, Davie bets 5.8k. No callers.

20:01: Hamed Nikjeh opens on Table 1, Davie G 3bets to 5k in position. Hamed calls. Flop Jh9s5s. Hamed checks, Davie bets 5k, Hamed calls. Turn Ad. Hamed checks, DH bets 15k. Hamed folds.

19:59: Martin Hammond opens on Table 1, Davie Gallagher calls on the Button. Flop Ks6c6s. Davie wins it after he raises Martin's flop bet. Davie shows a King for Top Pair.

19:57: Tweet something with #2525edinbugh and I'll be your new best friend.

19:51: On Table 1, Davie Gallagher raises to 1.3k, called by Neil Sneddon in position then Hamed Nikjeh 3bets to 3.6k from the SB. Both call. Flop Ad7d4d. Hamed bets 6k, Davie folds, Neil calls. Turn 5s. Hamed shoves all in for quite a lot! Neil folds. Hamed shows Jc2c for the bluff.

19:45: Davie Gallagher opens (ATo) and calls when Arran Hastings shoves his 5k short stack from the SB. Arran as A4 and doesn't get there. Arran eliminated.

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