25/25 Edinburgh IV - Flight C - Level 4 (150/500/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2015 @ 18:22


19:04: More drama in the room as Ross Loggie loses a "flip for 12 burgers" according to Ian Wright. Getting into the detail it was actually a 3-way flip between Ian, Ross and Steven Gray for 3 x portions of sliders (4 mini-burgers per order). To add to the intrigue, Ian is unhappy when his arrive and have no pulled pork on them. Further head explosions ensue when he discovers that Ross and Steven do have the aforementioned pork.

19:02: My soup was nice. Well presented too.

18:59: Ryan Straub out from Table 1.

18:55: Hamed Nikjeh doubles up with 99 vs Steven Gray's AdQd all in pre-flop. That took half of Steven's stack and I think I've just seen him leaving the card room so could be out now.

18:48: I'm just having a quick bowl of soup. Back soon!

18:44: Daniel Clement (standing in the bottom photo) had a big decision on the Turn with A8 Top Pair of 8s and was a bit upset that someone else called a Clock on him. He made the call with 1 second left on the 1 minute countdown but wasn't good vs JJ and didn't improve. That hand left him crippled but he found AA the next hand to quadruple up his last few hundred chips. The drama continutes as Daniel is continuing the give the clock-caller a hard time at the table.

18:36: You can also comment here on the blog if you'd like an update on any particular player. Happy to help.

18:34: Current tournament clock. We have 47 left out of 56 today.

18:30: Keep the Twitter updates coming with #2525edinburgh please. It helps make the blog more interesting. Thank you.

18:29: Blind on Blind carnage there between Eammon Jerjis (AQ) and Neil Sneddon (AK). They managed to get about 25k in pre-flop and Neil held up. Eammon eliminated.

18:24: Davie Gallagher and Colin Gillon just bought in for the first time at the break. Up to 189 entries and a prize pool of £37,800. The payouts will be confirmed later once the money has been verified.

18:23: Biggest chip counts at the break:

Robert Gray 61k
Scott Lunn 52k
Zenghi "Mr Chen" Huang 44k
Dennis Kennedy 43k
Ian Tweedie 42k
Martin Hammond 41k
Kenneth MacDonald 40k
Adam Cowley 39k
Neil Sneddon 37k
Rafal Karwowski 36k
Dylan Kirby 35k
Derek Gray 35k
Gordon Cuthhill 34k
Aemmon Jerjis 33k
Graham Laing 33k
Graham Williams 32k
Neil Feenan 29k
David Weeks 27k

5th December 2015 @ 18:49
Tom Stevenson
how is Garry laing doing
5th December 2015 @ 18:53
Gary Laing played yesterday and made it through to Day 2 tomorrow with 46.5k.
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