25/25 Edinburgh IV - Flight C - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2015 @ 17:28


18:06: Break time. Will get some chips counts from around the room. Up to 188 entries, prize pool £37,600.

18:00: Yep, Ian Wright back in the game immediately and gets a nice fresh 25k stack. First break in 7 minutes.

17:59: Ian Wright opens the next hand and gets a lot of callers before his old pal Omid Nikjeh moves all in from the BB. Ian fancies a gamble and calls with 8h5h. All others fold. Omid as KsTs and holds up. Ian Wright out. Still time for a re-entry.

17:56: Omid Nikjeh opens for 1.1k UTG from a 6.6k stack, Ian Wright then 3bets to 2.5k from about 14k. Back to Omid and he shoves all in. Ian calls, showing ATo and is against AK. The Big Slick holds for Omid's double and Ian is down to 6-7k.

17:46: Arran Hastings opens, Thomas Naylor 3bets to 1.8k then Paul Tulloch (pictured below) shoves all in for 2,575. Arran and Thomas call. Flop 4s3s2h and the 2 players still with action check. Turn Kd and Arran checks. Thomas bets 3k, Arran raises to 9k then Thomas shoves all in for 14.5k total. Back to Arran and has has a wee think before putting in the extra 5.5k. They both have AK for Top Pair and Paul Tulloch is drawing dead with 9d8d :-(

17:44: Latest seating:

17:40: Neil Feenan doubled up through Ian Wright on Table 2. Ian down to about 7k now. Didn't catch all the action but Ian's post-hand "I'd say 'nice hand' but I'd be lying" comment probably sums it up.

17:36: On Table 5, Dennis Kennedy sent Gordon Cuthill to the rail with a Set of Tens. Gordon was short with only about 6k to start the hand though.

17:33: All photos so far for Flight C now on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1048695131819107.1073741896.694051143950176

17:30: Level 3 here we go. Last level for entry and re-entry plus the 15 minute break so 6.15pm at the latest.

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