25/25 Edinburgh IV - Flight C - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2015 @ 16:46


17:20: Some players on Table 1 having a wee chat about this rule which tends to cause of a bit of confusion these days:

"Whenever a chip is placed into the pot accompanied by a declaration that can have multiple meanings: It will be ruled as having the smallest legitimate value. For example. Where the blinds are 100/200 and a player places a 5000 point chip into the pot and says “four” the bet will be taken as 400, where the blinds are 300-600 it will be taken as 4000."


17:16: Dennis Kennedy just hit a Royal Flush on Table 5. The pot was about 10k vs Nad Abbas.

17:15: Right behind him is Ian Wright. Ian has gone 1 better with 4 cashes (2 of them FTs).

17:14: Steven Gray from Aberdeen has just bought in. He has 3 cashes (2 of them FTs) on 25/25 Series Scotland.

17:06: On Table 2, Adam Cowley opens to 400 UTG+1. The only caller is Omid Nikjeh in the BB. Flop Ad5h3c and Omid leads for 550. Adam calls. Turn 2s and Omid bets again (1.2k). Adam calls again. River Kd and both players check. Omid announces "Seven High" and Adam turns over his KTo for the win.

17:05: Latest seating:

17:02: Up to 175 total, 42 today. Prize pool at exactly £35,000. Nice.

17:00: Lost our first player and it was Scott Brown. Not the poker room supervisor who is also called Scott Brown. He obviously can't play. In more ways that one!

16:59: Fan-favourite, Ross Loggie, in the building.

16:57: Back on Table 1, Dylan Kirky opens to 400 UTG+1 and is called by Russell Gibson in position and Eammon Jerjis in the BB. Flop 922 and Dylan continues for 1.2k. Russel folds, Eammon calls. Turn 6. Dylan bets 2k, Eammon gives it up.

16:54: Neil Feenan has arrived. Another player once compared Neil to this monkey. I have no comment personally.

16:46: Blinds up to 75/150 now. Here are some pictures from around the room:

Gavin McGuire above. He's made 2 FTs on the 25/25 Series Scotland to date. Check out the leaderboard after 17 events at http://www.scottishpoker.net/2525rankings.php.

Dennis Kennedy

Martin Hammond

Tommy Noble. The boy loves a cup of tea.

James Muir

Damian Minnis & Dariusz Rossowski

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