25/25 Edinburgh IV - Flight C - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2015 @ 15:44


16:45: Blinds going up.

16:44: Annemarie wishing good luck to Derek today. Picture below. Looks like he has about 20k so down from the 25k starting stack but still loads of time and no need to panic yet with this structure.

16:30: Gone on a picture run. Back soon.

16:28: Local lad, Paul Tulloch, has just joined Table 1 in Seat 7. Up to 25 today now and 168 overall.

16:19: On Table 1, Thomas Naylor opens to 250 UTG, Russell Gibson calls in position, Neil Sneddon on the Button, Dylan Kirby from the SB and Neil lrving from the BB. 5-way to the Kd7s3d Flop and it's checked to Thomas. He bets 550. Neil is the only folder so we're still 4 handed. Turn 8c and all players check. River Qs. Dylan checks, Neil now bets 1.7k, Thomas folds as does Russell. Back to Dylan and he throws in a 25 chip (signifying a Call). Neil says "You'll be good" and Dylan turns over his KsJc for Top Pair. Neil mucks.

16:17: Up to 164 entries, prize pool £32,800. Registration open till 6.15pm so plenty of time to get involved.

16:13: Stuart Cooper, not so much.

16:12: Dennis sending some love to his pals...

16:10: Seating Draw:

16:04: If you're playing today or following a friend or relative please tweet some updates using #2525edinburgh and I'll pick them up for the blog. Thanks in advance.

16:01: Flight C under way with 27 players.

15:55: Here are the chip counts from the first 2 days:

Flight A (17/60 made it)

Flight B (19/73 made it)

15:50: 10 minutes to go and we have about 20 players registered and more queuning up.

14:48: Flight C is about to commence at Grosvenor Maybury Casino in Edinburgh. So far we've had 60 entries (Flight A) and 73 entries (Flight B) meaning we've already beaten the £25,000 guarantee before a card has been dealt today. The prize pool is sitting at £26,600 and we need 67 more entries to take us to 200 and the nice round £40,000 figure.

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