25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 11 (1000/2000/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2015 @ 23:52


13:45: Blinds up.

13:42: Heard a funny hand from one of the earlier flights. Jimmy Wong has QQ and shoves all in after a bit of action saying "There are only 2 hands that beat me". The next guy says "Well here's one of them" and shoves KK then another player calls with AA. No problem for Jimmy as he manages to flop Quad Queens for the win!

13:38: The 4 exits so far are David Cheung, Ryan Meikle, Maurice Wigham and Paul McTaggart.

13:36: Here's Honkiu Lau on Table 1. He's been involved in plenty of the early pots today.

13:32: John Angus looks like he's down to about 15k. Rory Henderson just took most of his chips.

13:30: Lost a few players so far (list coming soon) and we're breaking down to 5 tables. 45 remain. Only 15 prizes to it's going to be a loooooong day.

1st £11,350                        
2nd £7,370                        
3rd £4,730                        
4th £3,170                        
5th £2,190                        
6th £1,590                        
7th £1,250                        
8th £1,060                        
9th £940                
10th £830                
11th £760                    
12th £680                        
13th £680                        
14th £600                        
15th £600

13:26: The top of the 25/25 Scotland Leaderboard after 17 events. The top 4 players in the Total Earnings category are not involved today but Ian Swan and Paul McTaggart are and can both take the lead with a big cash.

13:25: Better news for John next hand as he raises and no one calls.

13:23: John Angus opens the Button for 6k, Neil Sneddon defends his BB. Flop Kc4s2h. Check/Check. Turn 7h. Neil fires 7k, John folds.

13:20: Dany Coll opens to 4k in mid-position and Honkiu Lau 3bets to 10k from the BB (maybe 75k behind). Dany has a wee think then calls (about 65k behind). Flop QcJd3h. Check/Check. Turn 3s. Check/Check. River Ah. Honkiu bets 10k. Dany calls. Both have AJ for 2 pair. Chop it up!

13:18: John Angus and Ian Swan both have 5 cashes on the Scottish 25/25 Series. That's pretty decent out of 17 events. Both are alive today looking for their 6th as well! Check out the full rankings at http://www.scottishpoker.net/2525rankings.php.

13:17: Honkiu Lau opens pre-flop. No callers. Shows Ac.

13:14: Rafal Karwoski opens to 4.5k in the cut-off on Table 1. Tom Gill and Peter Berthune call from the blinds. Flop 8s7h4h. Tom and Peter both check/call a 6.5k bet from Rafal. Turn 5h. Checked to Rafal again and he bets 16k now (about 60k behind). Tom folds, Chip Leader Peter thinks it over but also passes.

13:12: Stephen Ng running late but just arrived to take possession of his 28k stack on Table 5.

13:07: Bad news for Dennis K (and his buddy Ryan Meikle) as Ryan has just left the building. He lost most of his 65k stack to Lesley Devine. He still has 1.8k left but has disappeared. Someone give him a call!

13:03: Early exit on Table 2. Murray Lorimer (91k) opens to 5k and is 3bet by David Cheung (85k) to 17k. Murray shoves all in (a warm 4bet) and David calls. It's Murray's AA vs David's TT. The Bullets hold and David is walking.

13:01: First hand of the day on Table 1. Honkiu Lau opens to 4k and Rafal Karowski 3bets in the cut-off to 6k. Back to Honkiu and he calls. Flop Q85 with 2 Diamonds and Honkiu checks. Rafal bets about 9.5k and wins it. He then shows KhKd.

12:58: Dennis Kennedy busted late last night in Flight C. He is rooting for Ryan today who starts with 65,600.

12:56: Oooops, Jonny Gray isn't the overall chip leader, just the leader from Flight A. He has 207,300. Peter Bethune has 224,500 and is the overall leader today.

12:51: Please tweet any updates with #2525edinburgh today so I can pick them up for the blog. It really helps me out. Thanks in advance.

12:46: Our chip leader at the start of the day is Jonny Gray from Hamilton. He took home £69,000 for winning GUKPT Blackpool last month so knows how to close. He was also 2nd at GUKPT Edinburgh in April 2014 for £22,000.


12:40: Seat draw by table...

12:38: Ian Swan has just burst into the poker room and declared to everyone that he is taking it down today. He seems to be in a feisty mood.

23:55: Day 2 starts 1pm. 49/189 remain. Here is the seat draw:

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