25/25 Dundee IV - Day 2 - Level 22 (12000/24000/2500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st November 2015 @ 21:33


22:19: Players on a 15 minute break. Will get the latest chip counts 4 handed.

22:14: 4 players left and £22,180 left to play for. Next out gets £2,710. Break in 5 mins. Wonder if they'll discuss a deal?

22:10: Next pot is Hugh vs Steven. On the Turn Hugh shoves all in over the top of Steven's 125k bet. Board is Ah8d4s-Ts. Steven in the tank. It's 532k more! Steven calls! He shows A4 for 2-pair. Hugh just has A9 for Top Pair. The River is a safe one for Steven and Hugh is out in 5th for £1,970. Steven the chip-daddy now.

22:09: Alan prefers nae deals!

22:08: Walk for Gary from Hugh.

22:06: 50k again from Steven, no callers.

22:05: Steven makes it 50k on the Button, Gordon calls in the BB. Flop Ts8s8d. Check/Check. Turn 4s. Gordon checks, Steven bets 75k, Gordon calls. River 2s. Gordon checks, Steven bets 100k, Gordon calls. Steven shows Ks5s for a Flush and takes it.

22:04: Hugh makes it 52k from the cut-off, no callers.

22:03: Walk for Steven. He shows 88!

22:02: Some wildly approximate stacks 5 handed:

Gordon Anderson 800k
Hugh Cairnie 850k
Gary Laing 900k
Steven Nicol 800k
Paul Anderson 300k

21:58: 5 remain. Prize pool left to play for is £24,150. Could we see a famous Dundee Chop?

21:54: Andy shoves all in (KQ) and Steven (who likes to stand up when the cards are on their backs) calls with A7. Steven wins it. Andy Lee out in 6th for £1,380.

21:53: Andy shoves from the SB, Steven folds the BB. Andy shows a Deuce. Steven asks, "What does showing a two achieve there?". Andy shrugs.

21:52: Paul opens for 76k, no callers.

21:51: Steven shoves all in again. Gary tank/folds from the BB and shows AQ.

21:47: Steven open-shoves for 216k, Hugh calls with KQ. Steven has JT. Steven hits a Straight and doubles up!

21:46: Short Stack Paul all in with A8 vs Hugh's KQ. He doubles up. Just a flesh wound for Hugh though.

21:39: Gordon raises to 55k in the cut-off, Steven calls in the BB. Flop JcTs4c. Steven open-shoves into Gordon who calls. Steven has Tc9c and Gordon KJ. A couple of bricks come on the Turn and River and Gordon gets his big double up. Steven down to about 200k.

21:37: Gary limps the SB, Andy raises to 75k from the BB. Gary folds.

21:36: Steven opens for 50k, Gary calls in the BB. Flop KcJd5h. Gary checks, Steven bets 90k, Gary folds showing a Five.

21:35: Very approximate chip counts:

Gordon Anderson 480k
Hugh Cairnie 1.1million
Gary Laing 1million
Andy Lee 450k
Steven Nicol 610k
Paul Anderson 160k

21:34: Blinds up! We're 6 handed here in Dundee. No chops so far! Here's a reminder of the payouts and remaining prizes:

1st £9,390
2nd £6,100
3rd £3,980
4th £2,710
5th £1,970
6th £1,380
7th £1,050 Roddy MacNeil
8th £890 Raymond "Spike" Innes
9th £800 Tommy Noble
10th £710 Bojidar Boiadjiev
11th £640 Nicholas Law
12th £590 Colin McConnaghy
13th £590 Ian Swan

1st November 2015 @ 21:41
Ricky Yuill
Go Garry...Go Garry!
1st November 2015 @ 21:47
Cmon gary chap, bring it home fir the brig. Gd luck big man
1st November 2015 @ 22:17
jake and mo
TID Gogzeeeeeeeee
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