25/25 Dundee IV - Day 2 - Level 21 (10000/20000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st November 2015 @ 20:51


21:27: Gary opens to 46k in the cut-off, Roddy ships all in from the SB (373k). Back to Gary and he goes into the tank. He calls! Gary has QQ vs Roddy's 55. The Ladies hold and Roddy is out in 7th for £1,050.

21:26: Paul makes it 41k, Hugh calls in position. Heads up. Flop Ad6h3c. Check/Check.  Turn 5d. Paul check/folds to a bet from chip leader Hugh.

21:25: Next out gets £1,050. 7 left. Winner will get the big money, £9,390.

21:24: Gordon has his raising shoes on and makes it 45k in the cut-off. Andy calls in the BB for heads up. Flop AdKd7h. Andy check/folds to a 45.5k bet.

21:23: Anyone still reading this? Who are you rooting for? Please comment on the blog below. I like hearing from people. Thank you.

21:22: Steven makes it 40k, Paul calls in position, Gary comes along from the BB. Flop AdKd3h. Gary checks, Steven bets 110k, Paul folds, Gary does too. Winner for Steven Nicol.

21:21: Gordon wins the next pot as well.

21:20: Willie Elliot prefers Steven Nicol:

21:19: Stuart Wilson hoping for a Gordon Anderson comeback:

21:18: Paul limps the SB, Gordon checks the BB. Flop As9s4c. Gordon wins it with a 20k bet when checked to.

21:17: Roddy wins the next one with button raise.

21:16: Gary opens one, no contest.

21:15: Paul Anderson at the FT:

21:13: Andy limps the SB, Roddy shoves, Andy folds.

21:12: Steven opens to 45k, Gordon shoves all in for 289k. Steven gives it up.

21:11: Hugh wins a pot vs Roddy with flop check/raise. He showed the King High Flush Draw as he dragged in the pot.

21:07: Approx stacks 7 handed:

Gordon Anderson 300k
Hugh Cairnie 1million
Gary Laing 500k
Andy Lee 600k
Roddy MacNeil 380k
Steven Nicol 650k
Paul Anderson 350k

21:06: Andy wins the next pot but it's a small one.

21:02: Andy opens the Button and Steven shoves all in for 336k from the BB. Andy calls with AsJs, Steven shows 64o! He gets there on the River though. Double up!

20:56: Andy opens to 42k UTG, Spike shoves for 401k then Hugh cold-calls with some chips behind. Andy thinks about calling in the already massive pot but ends up folding. Hugh has AhKh, Spike 55. Hugh hits an Ace on the Flop and holds to take Spike out and go into the chip lead. Raymond "Spike" Innes 400k 8th for £890.

20:55: Approx stacks:

Gordon Anderson 400k
Hugh Cairnie 550k
Gary Laing 500k
Andy Lee 900k
Roddy MacNeil 400k
Steven Nicol 260k
Paul Anderson 300k
Raymond "Spike" Innes 400k

20:53: I'll try to estimate the stacks now. Back in a bit.

20:52: Roddy open-shoves from UTG+1, looks like about 320k. No callers.

20:51: The story so far...

1st £9,390
2nd £6,100
3rd £3,980
4th £2,710
5th £1,970
6th £1,380
7th £1,050
8th £890
9th £800 Tommy Noble
10th £710 Bojidar Boiadjiev
11th £640 Nicholas Law
12th £590 Colin McConnaghy
13th £590 Ian Swan

1st November 2015 @ 21:28
Gail Anderson
I'm still reading Martin but Im not on Twitter. Got everything crossed. C'mon Gogs!!!
1st November 2015 @ 21:30
Ricky Yuill
Garry FTW
1st November 2015 @ 21:35
Rooting for Andy obv
1st November 2015 @ 21:41
come on gordon u dals head
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