25/25 Dundee IV - Day 2 - Level 20 (8000/16000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st November 2015 @ 20:05


20:48: Tommy open-ships the cut-off for about 110k. Spike calls. Tommy has 55, Spike KQ. Spike spikes a King on the Turn and eliminates Tommy in 9th place for £800.

20:45: Hugh opens to 45k, Gary 3bets to 105k. back to Hugh and he makes the call. Flop Js6d4d. Hugh checks (after a wee look at Gary's stack). Gary moves all in! Think it's about 350k so quite a lot. Hugh asking for a count. The actual stack is 338k (good skills from me there) but Hugh ends up folding.

20:44: Blinds going up in 5 mins. Will try to get some approx chip counts soon after.

20:43: Andy Lee at the FT...

20:42: Paul opens UTG, nae callers.

20:41: Final Table Profile Pic of Gordon Anderson...

20:38: Andy raises the Button, Blinds Roddy and Tommy call. 9h8s4h flop is checked around. Turn 2h, Roddy bets 30k, Andy calls, Tommy folds. River 3c. Roddy check, Andy puts in 100k. Roddy thinks about it but calls. Andy shows KhJh for a Flush and it's good.

20:36: Next hand is Hugh vs Spike. Hugh wins it.

20:34: Spike opens for 33k again, Andy calls in the BB. Spike wins it with a c-bet though.

20:29: 33k from Spikey in the cut-off, Hugh calls in the SB as does Gary in the BB. Flop 9d6d4d. Hugh checks, Gary checks, Spike bets 25k. Hugh folds, Gary raises to 65k. Spike calls right away and says "Nice bet, sir". Turn 4s. Gary checks, Spike checks. River 7h, Gary checks, Spike bets a relatively small 35k. Gary calls. Spike shows J7o but Gary wins with 96 for 2-pair.

20:27: Gary back in action next hand, making it 38k UTG. Nae business from anyone though.

20:25: Gary's turn to raise (to 32k), Paul calls on the Button and Gordon comes along from the BB. 3-way to the Flop which appears as KdQs8d. Checked around. Turn Qc. Gordon checks, Gary bets 33k, Paul folds, Gordon calls. Heads up. River 4c. Gordon checks, Gary checks. Gordon wins with Ks4s. Gary declared Ace High.

20:24: Raise with no action for Steven there.

20:23: Here are Hugh and Gary at the FT:

20:22: Another raise-and-take-it for Andy.

20:21: Andy raises to 32k in the cut-off, no callers.

20:19: Paul raises to 42k UTG+1 (apparently the most fashionable raising position so far at this FT), Gary calls in the position for heads up. Flop 9d7c7h. Paul continues for 52k, Gary calls immediately. Turn 4s. Paul checks, Gary checks. River Ac. Paul checks, Gary checks. Both players have AQ and it's a chop!

20:18: No exits so far. I get the feeling this might be a long FT...

20:15: Gary raises to 35k on the Button, Andy (in the SB) 3bets to 72k. Back to Gary and he calls. Flop Qs5h4d. Check/Check. Turn 5c. Andy bets 70k, Gary tank/folds.

20:10: Roddy makes it 33k UTG, Paul calls then Spike 3bets to 70k. Back to Roddy and he thinks for a while before 4betting to 155k. Paul folds and Spike does too.

20:09: Paul opens for 36k in the Hijack, no callers.

20:08: Spike chucks in 33k on the Button, no callers.

20:06: Steven opens for 32k in the cut-off, Gordon calls in the BB. Flop Qc2c2d. Gordon checks, Steven bets 30k, Gordon passes.

20:04: Hugh makes it 40k UTG+1, no callers.

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