25/25 Dundee IV - Day 2 - Level 19 (6000/12000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st November 2015 @ 18:39


20:01: Spike raises to 26k UTG, Paul calls from the BB. Flop 8h3d2s. Paul check/calls a 30k from Spike. Turn 5c. Paul checks, Spike bets 40k. Paul likes it and calls. River Jh. Paul checks, Spike checks it back. Paul wins with A8, Spike shows 54.

20:00: Andy opens to 25k in the cut-off, Tommy shoves all in from the SB, Andy folds.

19:55: Next hand Steven opens to 25k again, Gordon calls in position then Roddy 3bets to 80k from the BB. Back to Steven and he folds but Gordon shoves all in for 175k and Roddy calls. It's Gordon's 99 vs Roddy's AQ. A Nine in the window makes it hard for Roddy to catch up and Gordon gets his much-needed double.

19:53: Steven vs Andy in the next hand. Andy wins it with a Flush. Steven called his 75k river bet.

19:48: Roddy opens for 26k UTG+1, Gary calls in the BB. Flop 7c5c4s. Gary leads out for 36k, Roddy raises to 105k, Gary calls. Turn Ah. Gary thinks for a long time then checks. Roddy bets 130k, Gary.... gives it up.

19:46: Spike opens to 26k on the Button, Gordon shoves from the SB, Spike folds.

19:45: Gary Laing raises to 35k UTG+1, no action.

19:44: Roddy opens for 26k in the Hijack, Spike takes a flop from the BB. It comes down AcTd2d. Spike checks, Roddy bets 30k. Spike raises to 61k, Roddy snap-mucks.

19:43: Alex rooting for Steven to win:

19:43: Gordon open-shoves for his short stack. No callers.

19:42: The official G Casino Aberdeen Poker Room account on Twitter wishes good luck to Raymond!

19:39: Andy opens to 25k in the cut-off, Roddy 3bets to 65k on the Button, Andy calls. Flop Kc9c6d. Andy checks, Roddy bets 65k, Andy folds.

19:37: Steven tries again, 25k UTG. Andy calls on the Button. Heads up. Flop 8c7c2d. Steven continues for 27k, Andy folds.

19:34: Steven opens to 25k next hand (UTG+1). Roddy calls in the BB. Heads up. Flop Kh6c2h. Roddy checks, Steven bets 35k, Roddy calls. Turn 9s. Roddy checks, Steven bets 65k, Roddy has a long think then min-raises to 130k. Steven gives it up.

19:33: Spike opens the first pot for 26k in the Hijack. No callers.

19:32: Here we go. Shuffling up now.

19:26: Some support on the virtual rail for Paul Anderson:

19:23: Final Table Chip Counts:

Gordon Anderson 100k
Hugh Cairnie 600k
Gary Laing 560k
Andy Lee 620k
Roddy MacNeil 320k
Tommy Noble 200k
Steven Nicol 640k
Paul Anderson 280k
Raymond "Spike" Innes 510k

19:20: Final Table picture:

19:15: More support tweets...

19:14: Dennis finally decided who he's rooting for:

18:58: Payouts so far...

1st £9,390
2nd £6,100
3rd £3,980
4th £2,710
5th £1,970
6th £1,380
7th £1,050
8th £890
9th £800
10th £710 Bojidar Boiadjiev
11th £640 Nicholas Law
12th £590 Colin McConnaghy
13th £590 Ian Swan

18:57: On an approx 30 minute break before the FT starts. Chip counts coming soon.

1 Gordon Anderson
2 Hugh Cairnie
3 Gary Laing
4 Andy Lee
5 Roddy MacNeil
6 Tommy Noble
7 Steven Nicol
8 Paul Anderson
9 Raymond "Spike" Innes

18:52: Final table! Bojidar Boiadjiev all in pre-flop with KK vs Hugh Cairnie's AQ. Hugh spikes an Ace to send Boj out in 10th for £710.

18:43: Spike raises to 26k on the Button, Paul calls in the BB. Flop Qs9d5s. Paul checks, Spike bets 31k, Paul shoves for 125k, Spike calls! It's QdJd (Top Pair) for Spike vs Paul's 9s8s (Middle Pair + Flush Draw). Paul gets there immediately on the Turn and doubles up. Spike still has about 550k after the hand.

18:41: Andy Lee opens to 25k on the Button, Spike 3bets to 40k from the SB, Andy calls. Flop Qs9s8s. Spike checks, Andy bets 40k, Spike folds.

18:39: The Story so far...

1st £9,390
2nd £6,100
3rd £3,980
4th £2,710
5th £1,970
6th £1,380
7th £1,050
8th £890
9th £800
10th £710
11th £640 Nicholas Law
12th £590 Colin McConnaghy
13th £590 Ian Swan

18:38: BLinds up! Still 10 left, hand for hand before the final table of 9.

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