25/25 Dundee IV - Day 2 - Level 18 (6000/12000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st November 2015 @ 17:53


18:34: The Final 10. Will wait till the final table of 9 before getting updated chip counts.

Table 8
Gordon Anderson
Steven Nicol
Roddy MacNeil
Hugh Cairnie
Bojidar Boiadjiev

Table 7
Paul Anderson
Tommy Noble
Andy Lee
Raymond "Spike" Innes
Gary Laing

18:33: We're down to 10 players. Going hand for hand for the FT Bubble.

18:32: Spike takes out his fellow Aberdonian Nicholas Law. He is 11th for £640.

18:31: Fast and furious action here! Hugh just doubled up with AK vs Roddy's AQ all in pre-flop.

18:29: Colin out next hand with T6 all in in the BB vs Q8. Colin McConnaghy 12th for £590.

18:27: Shortie Gordon doubles up his 130k stack with AQ vs Colin's JJ. Colin in trouble now, look like about 60k.

18:24: Ian Swan all in pre-flop with AdKd vs Steven Nicol's AA. Despite turning Flush and Straight draws Big Swanny couldn't get there and is out in 13th for £590. That's Ian's 5th 25/25 Scotland cash and he's now joint top withJohn Angus on that score.

18:21: Double for shortie Bojidar Boiadjiev with 88 vs Colin's A9.

18:19: Roddy all in with TT vs Gordon's QQ pre-flop. Looks like Roddy is going home...... right until a Ten hits the River! Double up. Roddy up to about 300k, Gordon down to about 130k.

18:15: Double up for the 126k stack of Ian Swan with QJ all in pre-flop vs Roddy's 77.

18:13: Gordon looks like he still has about 280k. Says he made a small profit on that last hand with the side pot being quite decent. Steven Nicol up to about 400k.

18:11: Big 3-way all in pre-flop there between Gordon Anderson (AA), Steven Nicol (99) and Bojidar Boiadjiev (QQ). Steven spikes a Straight on the River to treble up and Gordon wins the side pot. Bojidar Boiadjiev down to less than 100k. No one eliminated on the hand though. Still 13 left.

18:08: Allan now says Spike will go all the way:

18:00: Latest chip counts for the last 13 players:

Table 8
Colin McConnaghy 410k
Gordon Anderson 230k
Steven Nicol 90k
Ian Swan 130k
Roddy MacNeil 280k
Hugh Cairnie 300k
Bojidar Boiadjiev 200k

Table 7
Nicholas Law 130k
Paul Anderson 270k
Tommy Noble 330k
Andy Lee 620k
Raymond "Spike" Innes 380k
Gary Laing 390k

17:54: Going to do a wee chip count run. Back in a bit.

17:52: Double up for Hugh Cairnie's 150k stack with AsJs vs Steven Nicol's AK pre-flop. Hugh rivered a Flush.

1st November 2015 @ 18:28
keith and tosh
we are waiting patiently for Spike to bust :-)
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