25/25 Dundee IV - Day 2 - Level 16 (4000/8000/800)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st November 2015 @ 16:27


16:43: Break in 8 minutes. Will get full chip counts then.

16:39: 16 players left, 13 paid. Things getting exciting here now!

16:35: Enrico Frattaroli out in 17th. He shoved his 76k stack pre-flop with 88 and ran into Gary Laing's JJ which held up.

16:28: Big flip win for Spike all in pre-flop with QQ vs Connor Meehan's AK. Spike doubles his 237k stack. Connor down to about 120k. Big stack for Spike now with only 3,875,000 chips in play total. The average is 227k at the moment.

16:27: Still 17 left. 13 paid. 15 min break at the end of this level in about 25 minutes.

16:19: On the other table, Connor opens to 18k in late position. Andy Lee 3bets to 47k from the SB. Back to Connor and he elects to call. Flop 5d4c3s and both players check. Turn 8h. Andy bets 50k and Connor folds.

16:18: Colin opens, wins the blinds and antes.

16:15: Nicholas Law (QQ) opens to 18.5k, Boaby Jardine shoves for about 55k (AJ). Nicholas calls and holds vs Boaby who is out in 18th place.

16:14: Bojidar Boiadjiev opens to 17.5k, no action.

1st November 2015 @ 16:37
Gail Anderson
C'mon Gogzee! Brilliant recovery after low chip start today!
1st November 2015 @ 21:27
Come on Steven Nicol. You can do it buddy!
1st November 2015 @ 21:31
I'm still reading it! Gogzee or Steven ftw
1st November 2015 @ 21:33
Ryan doofkraha
Come on Steve nicol my chips have gone to good use. Go on saaannnn
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