25/25 Dundee IV - Day 2 - Level 15 (3000/6000/600)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st November 2015 @ 15:20


16:12:  On Table 8, Colin opens the Button. No callers. He shows Jacks.

16:09: Steven Nicol would be a popular winner it seems:

16:07: The last 2 tables:

Colin McConnaghy 250k
Boaby Jardine 70k
Gordon Anderson 300k
Steven Nicol 290k
Ian Swan 270k
Roddy MacNeil 160k
Hugh Cairnie 110k
Bojidar Boiadjiev 180k
Nicholas Law 125k

Table 7
Paul McTaggart 180k
Paul Anderson 260k
Connor Meehan 330k
Tommy Noble 210k
Andy Lee 380k
Raymond "Spike" Innes 250k
Enrico Frattaroli 90k
Jimmy Lettice 120k
Gary Laing 130k

16:00: John Kelly shoves for 60.5k with 55 and Colin McConnaghy looks him up in the BB with QcJc. Colin spikes a Jack on the Turn and John is out in 19th. Breaking down to 2 tables now.

15:56: The final 19 players. Will get some chip counts once we go down to 18 over 2 tables.

Table 8
Gordon Anderson
Steven Nicol
Ian Swan
Roddy MacNeil
Hugh Cairnie
Nicholas Law

Table 7
Paul McTaggart
Paul Anderson
Connor Meehan
Andy Lee
Raymond "Spike" Innes
Enrico Frattaroli
Jimmy Lettice

Table 5
Boaby Jardine
Colin McConnaghy
Bojidar Boiadjiev
Tommy Noble
Gary Laing
John Kelly

15:51: Steven Nicol (65) and Roddy MacNeil (88) all in on the 789 Flop! Rather unexpectedly it ends in a chop when it comes 5-6 on the Turn & River.

15:49: Here I am! Average stack now 202,600. Still 19 left.

15:37: Quick break for a wee snack for me. Back shortly. Promise.

15:33: Andy Lee opens for 12k, Rico Frattaroli shoves from the SB. He gets it thourgh.

15:30: Still 19 left. Once we lose another player and get down to 18 over 2 tables I'll do some more approximate chip counts.

15:22: 3-way all in pre-flop on Table 8 with Gary Britten (77) vs Hugh Cairnie (AA) vs Michael Crawford (KcQc). The Bullets hold and Hugh, with the biggest stack, takes the other 2 out. Down to 19.

15:20: 21 out of 47 out of 155 remaining. 13 will get some money.J

1st November 2015 @ 15:52
Stuart Wilson
who`s in the final 2 tables?
1st November 2015 @ 15:54
Still 19 left. Will add final 18 with counts once we lose 1 more.
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