25/25 Dundee IV - Day 2 - Level 13 (1500/3000/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st November 2015 @ 13:32


14:17: Lost Chris Wilson and Mark Dolan too. Break time. Just estimated chip counts for the last 25 players. Adding now.

14:11: Lost Barrie Geekie, Graham Pilkington, John Durkin and Gerard Anderson.

14:07: Down to 27 players. Breaking a table and going to 3 x 9 handed.

14:03: Here's Nicholas Law with his mental game coach, Lee Richards, looking on:

14:00: Big fold from Mark Dolan on Table 8. Nicholas Law shoved the River for 27k on a Qh7d3h-Ad-Ah board. The pot looked like it was already close to 40k. Mark thought for a few minutes and folded A6o face up. Nicholas generously let him see that it was a good decision, showing QQ for a Full House. Mark had about 30k so the 27k call would have crippled him.

13:56: Have you checked out the 25/25 Scotland rankings after 16 events? They're available at http://www.scottishpoker.net/2525rankings.php

13:54: John Durkin running a bit late; he's just arrived! He started with 53k and now has about 15k. Spin up required.

13:53: Carly Flockart out.

13:50: Scott Maxwell out. He's been performing well on the 25/25 Series recently and made the previous 2 final tables but 3 in a row not to be today.

13:48: Keep those #2525dundee tweets coming please plus comment on the blog or requests for player info. Thanks.

13:47: Connor Meechan looks like he has about 210k:

13:45: The anonymous player known as "Scots Pro All In Blind" has tipped Boaby Jardine to win today.

13:43: Major Kumar out.

13:39: John Angus here representing ScottishPoker.net. He's the leader for number of 25/25 Scotland cashes with 5 and is here today looking for Number 6.

13:36: Jimmy Wong popped in to give some tips to the youngsters like Gary Britten here:

13:32: Ian Swan was the chip leader from Flight A. He's still doing well on Day 2 and is up to about 290k.

13:30: Into the third level of the day. Paul Green out too. Break after this level.

1st November 2015 @ 13:41
Connor Meehan?
1st November 2015 @ 13:49
I've added a picture and chip count for him.
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