25/25 Dundee IV - Day 2 - Level 12 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 1st November 2015 @ 12:47


13:29: Also out are David Cheung, Gary Gracey and Shane Ross. Down to 34 now. 13 paid so still a long way to the money.

13:23: Recent eliminations include Gordon Wood and Craig Smith.

13:23: This is a hand from about 1pm. Allan Kettles opens UTG (KsTs) and is called by Tony Chessa on the Button (JJ) and Gordon Anderson in the BB (AhQd). The action flop comes down KJT. Gordon checks, Allan bets 17k, Tony shoves all in, Gordon shoves for more and Allan goes into the tank. Looks like he has about 50k behind. He eventually folds, showing his KT for 2-pair. Gordon tables the Nuts and has to avoid a pair up vs Tony's JJ. A couple of blanks arrive sending Tony home and a lot of chips in Gordon's direction. He has about 180k now.

13:22: Sorry for the quiet half hour there. The casino WIFI was offline and I couldn't update. Seems to be working again now.

12:51: Double up for Gordon Anderson with AK vs A9. Think he had about 60k and got a full double from Shane Ross. Shane is now down to less than 15k.

12:50: Jimmy Lettice on Table 5. Looks like he has around 200k. He started the day with 144k.

12:49: Edinburgh leg winner from 2013, Ewan Brown, out. 38 left.

12:45: Boaby Jardine checking out the football on the big screen (Hibs just scored against Rangers). Looks like he has about 110k.

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