25/25 Dundee IV - Flight C - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st October 2015 @ 20:17


21:06: Go on, surprise me, tweet something with #2525dundee...

21:03: Keith Scott opens to 2.2k, Alexander Stuart calls in the SB, Spike 3bets to 7.3k from the BB, both call.  Flop KdJd9d. Spike bets (didn't catch the amount), keith calls. Alexander folds. Turn 5h. Spike shoves, Keith folds, Spike shows Ad and says he also had a King.

20:58: Spike opens to 1.7k UTG and gets 4 callers. Flop 9h8c2s. Spike bets 2.3k, gets 2 callers. Turn Ts. Spike bets 5.2k, Neil Feenan calls then Alexander Stuart goes all in for about 11k total, Spike re-shoves for for 36k and Neil folds. Alexander has QJ for the Nut Straight and Spike has 98 for 2-pair. No pair up for Spike and he loses the pot but he still has about 25k.

20:56: After an 800 limp, Craig Smith makes it 2.4k. William Cairns calls from the BB as does the limper (Carly Flockhart). Flop As7h5c. They check to Craig and he bets 3.8k. Both fold and Craig drags it in.

20:52: After a couple of 800 limps and an SB completion, Craig Smith makes it 2.9k from the BB. The 2 limpers and the SB both call. The Flop is Nine High, all Hearts. Craig continues for around 6.5k and gets 1 caller. The Turn is 2s and both players check. Didn't catch the River but it went Check/Check again and Craig lost with 44 vs Ah9d.

20:50: Been for a wander round the other tables but no big hands to report. The most exciting thing to happen was Ian Wright arguing with a dealer about his mobile phone use.

20:34: Craig Smith opens to 1.6k from the Button and Graham Pilkington calls from the BB. Heads up. Flop 4c3h2h. Graham checks, Craig bets 2k then Graham raises to 6k. Craig calls. Turn Js and Graham now checks. Craig bets 6.5k, Graham calls. River Ts. Graham checks, Craig checks behind after contemplating a bet for a while. Craig has Jc6c for Top Pair and Graham's 55 is no good.

20:32: 4 x 40 minute levels to go. We'll be done about 11.30pm tonight then back tomorrow at 12pm for Day 2. So far 29 players have made it through from the first 2 days.

20:27: Top stacks:

Gary Gracey 97k
David Cheung 93k
Jamie Caira 87k
Hugh Cairnie 50k
Abdul Al Hafez 49k
William Cairns 48k
Raymond "Spike" Innes 48k
David Weeks 47k

20:17: Players on a 15 minute break. 35/54 left tonight. Chip counts coming soon.

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