25/25 Dundee IV - Flight C - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st October 2015 @ 19:44


20:15: Break in 2 mins. Chip counts coming soon xx

20:10: Number 1 Scottish Poker Blog Fan not available to follow tonight :-(

20:06: Spike just won a pot vs Mark Dolan there. Mark called his 5.9k river bet with 87 for 2-pair but Spike had 97 for a higher 2-pair. Spike then said "I'm 5% less on tilt now".

19:53: Lauryans Jakutis opens to 1.5k UTG, Gary Gracey calls in position then Michael Crawford 3bets to 4.6k from the SB. Lauryans 4bets all in for about 19k, Gary then 5bet jams for 43k! Michael goes into the tank for a couple of minutes but finds a call with QQ. Amazingly, Lauryans also has QQ and Gary is racing against both of them with AK. Gary doesn't have to wait long as the flop comes King High with the bonus that neither of his opponents will be spiking a Set. No miracle back-door and Gary drags in a tasty pot. Lauryans out, Michael still in with about 20k.

19:47: Craig Smith accidently open-limps for 600 pre-flop when he doesn't put enough chips in to consitute a raise. William Cairns comes along from the Button and Jonathan McRitchie checks his BB option. Flop KcQc7h. Jonathan checks, Craig bets 1.1k, William folds, Jonathan calls. Turn As. Jonathan checks, Craig bets 2.6k, Jonathan calls. River Qh. Jonathan leads for 6.1k. Craig makes a "bleugh" type noise, has a drink of water, then folds. Jonathan shows JcTs for a Straight that he hit on the Turn.

19:44: Neil Irvine out. 36/54 remain.

19:42: Please tweet something with #2525dundee; it will make me happy. Thank you.

19:40: Last level before the second 15 minute break.

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