25/25 Dundee IV - Flight C - Level 5 (200/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st October 2015 @ 18:59


19:30: Michael Crawford opens to 1.1k, Rami Saleh calls on the Button plus Gordon Harper and Neil Feenan join the fun from the blinds. Flop KhKd5s and all 4 players check. Turn 4d, Gordon checks, Neil bets 2k. Michael and Rami fold but Gordon calls. Heads up to the River which is Ac. Now, against the flow, Gordon bets 3.8k. Neil has a wee think then raises to 9k. Gordon immediately shoves all in for 19k total. Neil says "I have to call" and calls. He shows Ks8s for Trips but Gordon's 55 in the hole for a Full House is the main attraction.

19:26: Spike says he's "double up people for fun" and recounts a story of his AK vs TT on a KTx Flop.

19:25: Lucky double for Gary Gracey to keep his chances alive on Table 7. He was all in for his last 13.4k on the Ac9c8h Flop with AsJc vs Henri Nawrocki's set of 8s. Gary managed to back-door a Flush however.

19:21: Looks like the anonymous player known as "Scots Pro All In Blind" is out! Sad times.

19:15: Spike picked up Aces next hand but there was some question about the authenticity of the cards so the hand was declared dead:

19:10: On Table 7, Raymond "Spike" Innes opens to 1.5k. Rami Saleh calls on the Button then Neil Feenan 3bets to 4k from the BB. Flop KsQd6c and all 3 players check. Turn Kc and all 3 check again. River Jc and Neil checks for a third time. Spike bets 7.1k, Rami folds and Neil calls immediately. Spike declares "Straight" but turns over AJ (that ain't no Straight). Neil shows AA and takes it down with 2 pair.

19:07: Latest seating:

19:04: Paul Tenbruck out.

18:59: Confirmed at 154 final entries. Prize pool £30,800. Here are the 13 prizes:

1st £9,390
2nd £6,100
3rd £3,980
4th £2,710
5th £1,970
6th £1,380
7th £1,050
8th £890
9th £800
10th £710
11th £640
12th £590
13th £590

18:58: Duncan Gray out. Down to 40/54 today. So far 13 and 16 (29 total) have made it through to Day 2.

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