25/25 Dundee IV - Flight C - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st October 2015 @ 17:20


18:00: Neil Irvine out. His river-shove bluff picked off by Craig Smith with Ace High!

17:59: Break in 2 mins. Chip counts coming up.

17:53: On an unrelated note, congratulations to Scottish player Niall Farrell, who just took down EPT Malta for €534,000. Not a bad bit of business.

17:52: Chun Lee from Edinburgh has arrived and joined the action.

17:51: Gordon Harper out from Table 4. Looks like he got his last 12k or so all in drawing dead with QT on a J9x all Diamond flop vs the Nut Flush! 39/44 remain.

17:49: First break coming up in 12 minutes. Last time to enter is 6.15pm.

17:45: Tweets with #2525dundee finally rolling in. Thank you! I have to decline Pedro's generous offer though.

17:40: David Weeks is moved from Table 5 the next hand and Craig Smith is overheard to say "I think we just lost the table".

17:37: On Table 5, David Weeks opens for 500 UTG. David Ho, Neil Irvine, Craig Smith and Graham Pilkington all call in position and Jonathan McRitchie comes along in the BB. Flop 3s3d2c. Jonathan, the 2 Davids and Neil check then Craig bets 1.4k. It folds back to original raiser David W and he calls. Everyone else folds. Heads up. Turn 7c and it goes Check/Check. River 6d. David thinks for a bit and looks like he might bet but chooses to check. Craig snap-checks behind and shows AdJd for Ace High. David shows AsJs for the same hand and it's a chop.

17:35: Somebody tweet something with #2525dundee or I'm going home.

17:34: Nae Halloween costumes in the field so far :-(

17:30: Craig Smith, a previous 25/25 leg winner, has just arrived and bought in. Up to 41 entries today and 141 overall. Prize pool £28,200.

17:27: David Cheung from Edinburgh also has a few chips early on:

17:23: The anonymous player known as "Scots Pro All In Blind" is doing well so far. Looks like he has about 55k. Another player at his table said he raised blind under the gun and found AK to call when another player shoved for a decent amount. "Scots Pro" won that one.

17:22: Paul Green back in the game after a re-entry. Now on Table 3.

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