25/25 Dundee IV - Flight C - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st October 2015 @ 16:47


17:15: Paul Green out from Table 6.

17:08: On Table 5, Neil Irvine opens to 500 UTG. Graham Pilkington, Carly Flockhart, and Jonathan McRitchie all call in position, the blinds both fold. Flop As8h4s and Neil bets 500 again. It's called by Graham and Carly but Jonathan lets it go. Turn 6c and Neil fires 2k this time. Graham folds but Carly calls again. River 7c and Neil shoves all in for 7k. Carly has a wee think but decides to call, showing AK. Neil has 55 for a Straight which got there on the River.

17:04: The latest 25/25 Series Scotland Gallery of Champions. Wonder who the next inductee will be...

17:00: Lost John Angus from Table 3! John's our most frequent casher on the 25/25 Series Scotland with 5. Looks like he's off to the registration desk to have another shot so it's still possible he'll make it to 6 this leg. See all the 25/25 Scotland stats at http://www.scottishpoker.net/2525rankings.php.

16:55: Lost out first player of the day and it's Andrew Paulin. 33 still involved. Prize pool at £26,800 and about 1hr 20min to get involved!

16:54: Up to 34 now. Latest seating:

16:51: Please tweet something using #2525dundee so I can use on the blog and also get up on the big screen in the poker room for all to see. Thanks.

16:50: The famous Raymond "Spike" Innes, also on Table 7:

16:48: Henri Nawrocki on Table 7:

16:46: Pals Paul Green and Neil Feenan side by side on Table 6:

16:45: Into Level 2 now.

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