25/25 Dundee IV - Flight C - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 31st October 2015 @ 22:49


23:35: It's all over and after the dust has settled with a couple of late eliminations we have 18 players returning tomorrow at 12pm for Day 2:

Raymond "Spike" Innes 174,600
Chun Lee 134,700
Boaby Jardine 114,200
Hugh Cairnie 105,200
Paul Green 103,800
Gary Gracy 101,500
Michael Crawford 87,400
David Cheung 73,100
Scott Brown 69,400
John Kelly 59,100
Craig Smith 53,900
Tommy Noble 51,600
Jamie Caira 50,400
Carly Flockart 46,800
John Angus 45,500
Mark Dolan 36,200
Graham Pilkington 35,200
Gordon Happer 24,400

23:24: We are playing 4 more hands here before we finish up. Still 20 left.

23:23: Spikey has been sober for October so is looking forward to having a pint at Midnight.

23:19: Wee reminder of what the payouts are going to be pay tomorrow:

1st £9,390
2nd £6,100
3rd £3,980
4th £2,710
5th £1,970
6th £1,380
7th £1,050
8th £890
9th £800
10th £710
11th £640
12th £590
13th £590

23:18: 20 players left. Full chip comes will be provided after play completes for tonight in about 12 minutes.

Table 3
Gordon Happer
Abdul Al Hafez
Tommy Noble
Jamie Caira
Chun Lee
Boaby Jardine
Paul Green

Table 4
Mark Dolan
Hugh Cairnie
David Cheung
Scott Brown
Michael Crawford
Raymond "Spike" Innes
Joseph Myles

Table 5
Graham Pilkington
Carly Flockart
John Kelly
John Angus
Craig Smith
Gary Gracy

23:08: Carly Flockhart limps for 1.6k UTG, John Angus raises to 5k in the Hijack, William Cairns calls from the BB (with only about 12k behind), Carly folds. Heads up. Flop 7s3c3d. William checks and John shoves all in. William folds. Carly said she had A7 and John claimed it was a good fold.

23:06: John Kelly opens to 3.2k, Gary Gracey calls from the BB. Flop Jd7s6d. Check/Check. Turn 8c. Gary bets 4k, John calls. River 8h. Gary checks, John checks. Gary wins with 76 for 2-pair.

22:59: Alexander Stuart opens this time, to 3.5k, Hugh Cairnie 3bets to 8k  from the Button, Alexander calls. Flop 7c7s6s. Alexander checks, Hugh bets 20k, Alexander shoves for about 40k, Hugh calls. It's Hugh's QQ vs Alexander's JJ. Hugh holds and Alexander is out. 21 left now.

22:57: Spike won the last 2 pots at his table uncontested. He says he'd "like to keep this table for the rest of the tournament".

22:54: Neil Feenan out. He got the last of his chips in virtually dead with Th7h vs JJ on a Jh8h8d flop! No miracle 9h was forthcoming. Michael Crawford was the victor.

22:52: Chun Lee has the second biggest stack, about 140k:

22:51: Spike moving in the right direction; he's now up to about 185k.

22:50: Last level of the day. 23 remain from the 54 that started.

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