25/25 Aberdeen IV - FT - Level 26 (30000/60000/6000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 28th September 2015 @ 0:32


01:15: Marius raises to 130k, Ross calls. Flop 6h6c2d. Check/Check. Turn Qh. Check/Check. River 7h. Ross bets 200k, no call.

01:14: Ross makes it 130k, no call.

01:13: Marius raises to 130k, Ross calls. Flop Ac9c6h. Check/Check. Turn 5h. Ross bets 175k (with about 600k behind), Marius calls. River 2d. Ross shoves all in, Marius folds.

01:12: Things swinging in Marius' favour...

Ross Loggie 900k
Marius Varanavicius 3.5million

01:11: Marius wins a decent one with Trip Queens.

01:10: Heads up in progress:

01:08: The handshake before heads up started:

01:06: Marius raises to 130k, Ross calls. Flop Ks8s8d. Ross check/calls 130k. Turn 9h. Ross checks, Marius checks. RIver Ac. Ross bets 100k, Marius raises to 300k. Ross folds.

01:05: Ross makes it 130k, Marius 3bets to 300k, Ross folds.

01:04: Marius folds his button.

01:03: Ross makes it 130k, Marius calls. Flop Td5c3h. Check/Check. Turn 9h. Marius bets 140k. Ross folds. This could be a looooong tactical battle we have on our hands here....

01:02: Marius gives Ross a Walk.

01:01: Ross or Marius? Who do you fancy?

00:59: Ross raises to 130k, Marius calls. Flop Ts9d4c. Check/Check/ Turn 5d. Check/Check River 8h. Check/Check. Ross wins with Ace High, A5o.

00:58: Marius raises the Button to 120k, Ross calls. Flop Js9h7d. Ross check/folds to a 110k bet.

00:57: Heads up started! No deals agreed. Playing it out for the original prizes and the title.

00:55: Resuming play shortly. Both locked up £6,860. Playing for £10,570 for 1st.

00:54: Marius wins the bounty on Spike's head too. A £55 Dundee monthly seat, 10 pints of lager and a steak dinner!

00:48: Stacks heads up:

Ross Loggie 1.85 million
Marius Varanavicius 2.55 million

00:46: Taking a short break before heads up begins.

00:45: Spike out next hand with QsTs vs Marius' 88. Raymond Innes 3rd for £4,400. Well played.

00:43: Spike doubles his micro-stack next hand!

00:40: Ross raises to 120k, Marius shoves, Spike re-shoves, Ross folds. Spike AT, Marius 44. Marius wins the huge flip. Marius had just over 1million. Spike down to just 75k!

00:35: Latest approx stacks:

Ross Loggie 2.2million
Marius Varanavicius 1.1million
Raymond "Spike" Innes 900k

00:32: Ross wins a nice pot vs Spike with KK. Spiked called a 300k river bet and Ross' KK was good.

28th September 2015 @ 0:42
Zzzzzz is this a 7 day event?
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