25/25 Aberdeen IV - FT - Level 25 (25000/50000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 28th September 2015 @ 0:03


00:24: Ross absent in the BB. Oh, he makes it back just in time! Spike limps the SB. Ross puts 75k on top. Spike calls. Flop AsJd8h. Spike leads for 105k, Ross calls. Turn Qd. Spike bets 176k, Ross calls. River Jh. Spike moves all in (774k)! Ross tank/folds. Spike shows K2 for nothing! The bluff gets through.

00:23: Walk for Spike.

00:22: Ross going for his pee. No break though.

00:21: Ross raises the SB to 100k, Marius calls in the BB. Flop Ad9d8h. Check/Check. Turn 2s. Ross checks, Marius bets 105k. Ross calls. River Qs. Ross checks, Marius checks. Marius wins with 87o.

00:20: Spike limps the SB, Ross shoves, Spike folds.

00:19: Spike changes his mind. Agrees to the break. Spike raises the Button, Ross shoves, Spike folds. Spike changes his mind about the toilet break again! No break.

00:18: Ross asks for a 1 minute toilet break. Spike declines.

00:17: Who do you want to win? Where are you railing from? Comment below. Talk to me!

00:16: Ross shoves from the SB, Marius folds.

00:16: Walk for Ross.

00:15: Ross opens to 100k on the Button, Spike shoves all in. Ross folds.

00:14: Spike suggests an even 3 way chop. No response from the other 2.

00:13: 2 pots for Marius, 1 for Spike.

00:07: Spike opens the Button for 110k. Neil shoves for 350k. Spike calls. Neil has KJ, Spike A8. Spike holds and Neil is out in 4th for £2,960.

00:06: Spike raises to 150k from the SB, Ross folds the BB.

00:05: Ross opens to 100k, Marius shoves all in (473k), Ross folds.

00:03: Approx stacks:

Ross Loggie 2.45million
Neil Khir 250k
Marius Varanavicius 500k
Raymond "Spike" Innes 950k

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