25/25 Aberdeen IV - FT - Level 24 (20000/40000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 27th September 2015 @ 23:15


00:01: Ross opens to 80k again, Marius shoves all in, Ross folds.

00:00: Ross opens for a few hundred thousand, sending the message to short stacks Neil and Marius in the blinds and they both fold.

23:59: Pot for Neil next, shoved pre-flop, no callers.

23:58: Ross wins the next pot with a pre-flop raise. Spike aggressively mucks his cards and one flies off the table.

23:55: Spike raises, Marius shoves, Spike calls. Spike AJ vs Marius AT. Ends in a chop though!

23:54: Spike says that only 2 people are playing (him and Ross). Marius and Neil don't seem too concerned though

23:51: Spike raises to 85k from the SB, Ross calls in the BB. Flop Qs9h2d. Spike checks, Ross bets 105k. Spike calls. Turn Kh. Spike checks, Ross bets 190k. Spike folds. Spike says "It must be nice to play against an opponent who never f**king hits".

23:50: Ross opens to 80k, wins it.

23:49: Ross opens to 80k, Marius shoves the BB, Ross folds immediately.

23:48: Average stack 1.1 million now 4 handed. Everyone locked up £2,960.

23:47: Spike raises to 86k on the Button. No calls.

23:42: Spike limps the SB for 40k, Ross raises to 100k from the BB. Spike likes it. Flop Jh2c2s. Ross bets 65k when Spike checks. He calls. Turn 9d. Spike checks, Ross bets 160k. Spike tanks for a minute then calls. River Qh. Spike checks, Ross bets lots (525k). Spike tanks for 2 minutes then  folds.

23:41: Ross makes it 90k, no callers.

23:38: Spike makes it 85k UTG, Ross 3bets the Button to 205k. Spike calls. Flop 7s7d4s. Spike checks, Ross bets 140k. Spike calls. Turn 7h. Spike checks, Ross checks. River 2h. Check/Check. Spike wins with Ad2d for a rivered full house!

23:34: Spike opens for 85k on the Button. Ross 3bets to 210k from the SB, Spike calls. Flop AsKh8c. Ross checks, Spike bets 135k. Ross calls. Turn 6s. Ross checks, Spike checks. River 5h. Ross checks, Spike checks. Ross wins with KdJd.

23:33: Spike limps the SB, Ross checks. Flop Jd9s6c. Spike bets 40k. Takes it doon.

23:32: Ross makes it 80k UTG, wins it.

23:31: Spike makes the same raise again UTG, wins it. 2 in a row, 2 in a row, hello.

23:30: First hand back, Spike makes it 85k, wins it.

23:23: Time for some "I Run Super Hot Goot" action apparently...

23:23: Latest approx counts:

Ross Loggie 1.9million
Neil Khir 580k
Marius Varanavicius 500k
Raymond "Spike" Innes 1.35million

23:15: Break time. Blinds going to 30 mins now we're 4 handed. Payout recap:

1st £10,570
2nd £6,860
3rd £4,400
4th £2,960
5th £2,040 Kenny Fong
6th £1,480 Shahid Mahmood
7th £1,160 Scott Maxwell
8th £980 Lewis Walker
9th £880 Craig Spowart
10th £780 Lee Richards
11th £710 Thomas Naylor
12th £630 Michael Gordon
13th £630 Roar Ulvatn
14th £560 Ian Wright
15th £560 Daniell Paterson

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