25/25 Aberdeen IV - FT - Level 23 (15000/30000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 27th September 2015 @ 22:29


23:16: Kenny shoves from the SB with KT for about 250k and Ross calls with K8 in the BB. Ross gets there with an Eight on the Flop and Kenny is walking in 5th for £2,040.

23:13: Ross opens to 60k again, Spike calls in the SB. Heads up. Flop 6s6d3c. Ross bets 65k when checked to. Spike folds.

23:11: Ross opens to 60k, Marius and Spike call from the blinds. Flop Qc5c5s. All check. Turn 5h. Check to Ross who min-bets 30k, Marius calls, Spike folds. River Qd. Marius checks, Ross moves all in! Marius folds.

23:07: Spike opens to 62k, Neil calls in the SB, Marius shoves all in from the BB. Both fold.

23:06: Approx stacks 5 handed:

Kenny Fong 300k
Ross Loggie 1.4million
Neil Khir 650k
Marius Varanavicius 500k
Raymond "Spike" Innes 1.5million

23:03: Shahid all in for 88k with K3o. Spike has 74o. Spike spikes 2 pair and sends Shahid out in 6th for £1,480.

22:59: Shahid all in with K2 vs Marius' 88 and he doubles up and more.

22:58: Shahid down to 27.5k, less than 1bb.

22:53: Shahid raises to 90k on the Button, Ross calls in the SB. Heads up. Flop As7s3h. Ross checks, Shahid bets 150k. Ross calls. Turn 8d. Ross checks, Shahid shoves all in for about 450k. Ross in the tank. He calls! He has AT, Shahid A6. River King and Loggie doubles up! Ross had about 425k so Shahid will be very short now.

22:52: Spikes comes in for 62k, Ross calls in the BB. Flop KhKd4s. Check/Check. Turn 3d. Ross checks and Spike chucks in 80k. Ross declines the offer.

22:50: Ross opens to 70k this time, Marius ships, Ross folds.

22:49: Ross opens to 60k, Kenny shoves all in, Ross snap-mucks.

22:48: Walk for Spikey from Marius next hand.

22:47: Ross makes it 60k on the Button, no action.

22:46: RLog's closing skills in question...

22:44: Kenny open-ships next. About 250k. Nae calls.

22:43: Marius open-shoves again. Looks like about 400k. No calls.

22:42: Ross wins the next one vs Shahid.

22:41: Boaby Jardine added an extra bounty on Spike of "10 pints and a steak" so it's now that plus a £55 Dundee Monthly Tournament seat.

22:38: Ross opens to 60k, Marius shoves all in for 314k. Ross in the tank. He mucks it.

22:34: Neil opens to 60k on the Button, Spike likes it from the BB. Flop 9d8h2c. Spike checks, Neil bets 65k, Spike calls. Turn Td. Spike checks, Neil checks. River 2d. Spike fires 135k. Neil tank/shoves all in for what looks like 400k+. Spike thinks for a long time but eventually folds it.

22:33: Ross makes it 60k on the Button, no action.

22:32: Anyone still reading this nonsense? Please say Hello with a wee comment on the blog! tytyty

22:31: Shahid limps the Button for 30k, Ross shoves all in from the SB for quite a lot. Everyone folds.

22:29: 6 players left. No deals discussed so far.

1st £10,570
2nd £6,860
3rd £4,400
4th £2,960
5th £2,040
6th £1,480
7th £1,160 Scott Maxwell
8th £980 Lewis Walker
9th £880 Craig Spowart
10th £780 Lee Richards
11th £710 Thomas Naylor
12th £630 Michael Gordon
13th £630 Roar Ulvatn
14th £560 Ian Wright
15th £560 Daniell Paterson

22:28: Level 23, yeehaa!

27th September 2015 @ 22:37
Loving your blog, keep it going
27th September 2015 @ 22:39
C@T's a goat
Go on RLOG
27th September 2015 @ 22:41
Someone please bust spike. 10 pints and a steak to whoever busts him
27th September 2015 @ 22:45
Horse 2
Aye, still reading. Going blind, but readin'.
27th September 2015 @ 22:47
Horse 2
spike for the win. 2 reasons. Easiest money ever. Tilt Boab J like never before.
27th September 2015 @ 22:50
Jardines a trout
How's boaby getting on in the tourney? Chip count please
27th September 2015 @ 22:51
Jardine was unable to reach Day 2 on this occasion. He is still 2nd overall in the 25/25 rankings however
27th September 2015 @ 22:54
You need streaming for this Martin mate!
27th September 2015 @ 22:57
Willie Elliot
It should be called when you 'James Gray' someone. Slag off their play, just before they have their best ever live cash. I might have said Spike's Hendon Mob made it look like he'd been in a coma for 6 years... Oops, double helping of humble pie for me. :) Great work on the blog Martin.
27th September 2015 @ 23:10
Horse 2
Any chance of the 5 remaining Aberdeen players doing a Dundee chop so I can go to bed? Some of us have work in the morning.
27th September 2015 @ 23:12
Very UNlikely.
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