25/25 Aberdeen IV - Day 2 - Level 21 Part A (10000/20000/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 27th September 2015 @ 20:21


20:48: Final Table! Spike opens to 50k UTG and calls with JJ with Lee Richards shoves all in with QJ. The Jacks hold and we will now take a break before the FT begins!

20:42: Ross Loggie opens to 40k in the cut-off, Spike 3bets to 90.5k on the Button. Back to Ross and he 4bets to 175k. Spike tanks for a minute but then 5bets all in! Loggie snap-folds!

20:37: A few ships the last few hands but no calls :-(

20:33: Things slowed down with this Hand for Hand play on the FT bubble. Everyone (including the TD and Blogger) are hoping for someone to get knocked out soon!

20:30: Spike been given a warning for being a bit noisey.

20:25: Scott Maxwell doubles up through Kenny Fong KQ vs KJ all in pre-flop.

20:23: Maruis all in for his around 100k short stack with KJ vs Q9. He doubles.

20:21: Still 2 x 5 handed tables there on the Final Table bubble. Once we lose 1 more player we'll take a break and go to the 9 handed final table. Here's another reminder of the payouts:

1st £10,570
2nd £6,860
3rd £4,400
4th £2,960
5th £2,040
6th £1,480
7th £1,160
8th £980
9th £880
10th £780
11th £710 Thomas Naylor
12th £630 Michael Gordon
13th £630 Roar Ulvatn
14th £560 Ian Wright
15th £560 Daniell Paterson

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