25/25 Aberdeen IV - Day 2 - Level 18 (6000/12000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 27th September 2015 @ 17:50


18:34: Michael Gordon all in with QQ vs Ian Wright's AK pre-flop. Michael doubles. Ian looks like he's down to about 80k!

18:33: Double up for Ross with AK all in pre-flop vs Spike's A9. He doubles up his 191k stack. Hit for Spikey.

18:29: Shahid limps UTG, Michael Gordon raises to 42k then Roar shoves all in for 104k from the BB. Shahid folds, Michael calls. He has Ak vs Roar's 99. The Nines hold. Michael down to about 100k now and Roar over 200k after his double.

18:26: Here they are with approximate counts. 4.4 million chips in play.

Table 2
Kenny Fong 400k
Michael Gordon 210k
Craig Spowart 190k
Marius Varanavicius 110k
Roar Ulvatn 100k
Shahid Mahmood 530k
Ian Wright 200k

Table 1
Scott Maxwell 330k
Lewis Walker 300k
Lee Richards 350k
Ross Loggie 160k
Raymond Innes 490k
Neil Khir 160k
Thomas Naylor 800k

18:21: The last 14. Will go get some chip counts soon.

Table 2
Kenny Fong
Michael Gordon
Craig Spowart
Marius Varanavicius
Roar Ulvatn
Shahid Mahmood
Ian Wright

Table 1
Scott Maxwell
Lewis Walker
Lee Richards
Ross Loggie
Raymond Innes
Neil Khir
Thomas Naylor

18:18: Craig Spowart shoves all in over the top of Shahid's 32k open but Shahid folds 55 face up.

18:17: 14 remain. Average stack 314k.

18:16: Roar Ulvatn all in with A4 vs Marius V's AK but Roar gets there with a Four and doubles up his shortie.

18:11: Daniell Paterson out! She shoved with KQ for 82k and Lee Richards called from the BB with Ac2c. Down to 14.

18:10: Shahid raises to 40.5k on the Button. Gets it through.

18:08: Still 15 left. No one been eliminated recently.

18:04: Ian makes it 25k UTG, Shahid calls from the BB. Flop Ah8s5h. Shahid leads for 32.5k. Ian calls. Turn 7d. Shahid checks, Ian bets 75k. Shahid snap-calls. River 5s. Shahid bets 65k now! Ian reluctantly calls. Shahid shows As9s, Ian says "wins" and mucks. Ian down to a littel over 200k now I think.

18:02: Ross Loggie open-ships the Button for about 160k. Gets it through.

17:59: Roar Ulvatn limps for 12k UTG, Marius checks the BB. Flop Qc6c4d. Marius check/calls a 15k bet. Turn 8h. Check/Check. River 2h. Marius bets 27k. Roar folds.

27th September 2015 @ 18:12
chris and elaine
wish Ian good luck and what are the chip counts now
27th September 2015 @ 18:19
I'll get the counts in a bit.
27th September 2015 @ 18:36
chris and elaine
thanks for the chip counts did any of the glasgow or edinburgh players travel up martin
27th September 2015 @ 18:42
Not many. Todd and GK played. GK made Day 2 but busted earlier. John Angus played from Edinburgh. Mostly locals this event.
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