25/25 Aberdeen IV - Day 2 - Level 15 (3000/6000/600)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 27th September 2015 @ 15:18


16:00: Stuart Wilson has arrived in the poker room and says he fancies Thomas Naylor or Ian Wright for the win today.

15:59: Local Hero, Stevie Gray is out!

15:56: A few pics from the 3 remaining tables...

15:49: Marius V opens to 15k in the Hijack this time, no callers.

15:48: There are NL and PLO cash tables running now. Come on down and have a dash.

15:47: Sindre S limps for 6k, Simon John makes it 20k in the Hijack. Back to Sindre and he lets it go.

15:46: 24 left over 3 tables.

15:44: Simon John opens the button to 12.9k. Wins it.

15:40: Roar Ulvatn limps UTG, Ian Wright raises to 15k, Sindre Skjelanger then shoves all in for about 43k. Roar folds and Ian calls. It's Sindre's 88 vs Ian's A9. The 8s hold and Sindre doubles up.

15:34: Rob Franks opens to 12k, Kenny Fong calls in the cut-off, Michael Gordon calls on the Button, Sindre Skjelanger calls in the SB and Simon John in the BB. 5 players to the Flop which comes doon Kd5h3h. Rob bets 25k when checked to, Kenny calls, Michael folds, Sindre folds, Simon folds. Heads up now. Turn 9s. Rob bets again, 30k this time. Kenny calls. River Td. Rob checks this time. Kenny checks behind. Rob shows 7h6h for the big missed draw and Kenny wins with KQo.

15:33: On that table, Ian opens to 12.5k in the cut-off and takes down the blinds and antes.

15:31: Over on Table 2, Ian Wright and Simon John seem to have having a dispute about something. Not sure of the details.

15:24: Spike opens to 12k, Lee Richards calls in the BB, Flop JT5. Check/Check. Turn Q. Check/Check. River 7. Lee bets 11k. Spike says "That's tilting, I made a pair" then folds.

15:23: Some other stacks around the room are Ross Loggie 210k, Stevie Gray 90k and Ian Wright 300k.

15:19: Spike says he would be high up on the FRS but he pays Fowler £1k/month to keep him off so he can stay under the radar.

27th September 2015 @ 15:22
Spike cant even stay off the radar when he locks himself in a cubicle
27th September 2015 @ 15:31
doug mitchell
how is gary whyte getting on . and good luck to all the Aberdeen lads left in.
27th September 2015 @ 15:36
Gary has about 105k. Still fine at this stage.
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