25/25 Aberdeen IV - Day 2 - Level 14 (2000/4000/400)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 27th September 2015 @ 14:23


15:17: 24 players left. Average currently 183k. There are 4.4 million chips in play in total.

15:11: Big pot for Spikey vs Don Walker. Don raised it to 9.5k pre-flop, Wayne G called and Spike called in the BB. Flop 8d6d3s. Spike checks, Don bets 22.5k, Wayne folds then Spike raises to about 55k. Don shoves all in and Spike snap-calls. It's 8c7c for Don vs Spike's 86o for Top 2 Pair. Spike holds and eliminates Don. Spike up to about 380k.

15:08: Don Walker raises, Wayne Grieve ships, Don folds. Wayne shows a King.

15:07: Andy McKeever out. 25 left.

15:06: The final 26 competitors:

15:04: Andriy Myro busto!

15:00: Spike opens to 8k next hand, Thomas Naylor calls on the Button, Don Walker in the BB. 3 way to the Flop which is 7h5s4h. Spike bets 10.5k when checked to. Don raises to 25k after Thomas folds. Spikey says he "hates folding pairs" then...... calls. Turn Js. Don bets 45k, Spike snap-folds.

14:59: Lee Richards opens to 9.5k, Spike (just in his new seat) 3bets to 22.1k. Lee folds. Spike shows Aces! Lots of Bullets for Spike today. He is complaining he didn't get a full double up though.

14:56: Down to 3 tables. Spike is on Table 3, which I am happily seated next to.

14:55: Looks like FRS #2 ranked player, Les Clark, is also out.

14:53: Glasgow player, GK Kamal, just busted. Down to 27/50/176.

14:52: Bojidar Boiadjiev made Day 2 with 50k but didn't show up! The last of his chips have just been anted away after 3 hours:

14:51: Allan now rooting for Spike to bust:

14:42: On Table 2, Sam Ieong shoves, Rob Franks re-shoves then Les Sim re-re-shoves! It's K9 vs QQ vs JJ. Rob holds, hitting a Set, and takes the other 2 players out.

14:41: Folded to Thomas Naylor in the SB and he makes it 10k to go. Paul Chew, in the BB, thinks it over but opts to give it up.

14:39: Keilan Knight raises to 8k on the Button, Thomas Naylor calls in the BB. Flop 9d9s5h. Thomas checks, Keilan bets 9k, Thomas calls. Turn 8d. Thomas reaches for chips but then decides to check, Keilan checks. River 8h. Thomas bets 17k, Keilan folds.

14:38: On Table 3, Lee Richards makes it 9k on the Button, nae action.

14:30: Some other local favourites, Stevie Gray and Andriy Myro, have 80k and 50k respectively.

14:24: Don't forget to tweet with #2525aberdeen and comment on the blog here if you have any feedback or would like an update on a specific player.

14:23: Top stacks from the last 33 players at the first break:

Lewis Walker 415k
Thomas Naylor 275k
Raymond "Spike" Innes 230k
Kenny Fong 210k
Ian Wright 200k
Scot Maxwell 185k
Don Walker 185k
Michael Gordon 160k
Ross Loggie 150k
Shahid Mahmood 150k
James Kirkwood 145k

27th September 2015 @ 15:21
UL Don, updates on RLOG, Stevie Gray and TheC@T please. Thanks again MJS.
27th September 2015 @ 15:23
All looking good. Ross Loggie 210k, Stevie Gray 90k, Ian Wright 300k.
27th September 2015 @ 15:29
Lorna Matheson
How is Bob Grant getting on?
27th September 2015 @ 15:31
Looks like he has bout 70k. Quite short but still in the game.
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