25/25 Aberdeen IV - Day 2 - Level 13 (1500/3000/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 27th September 2015 @ 13:31


14:12: Break time in a few minutes.

14:07: Thomas Naylor opens to 6.3k, Wayne Grieve ships for 50,600. Thomas tank/calls. It's Wayne's AQo vs Thomas' AsTs. Wayne holds and doubles.

14:06: 35/50/176 left. 15 get paid. Still a while to go till the money

14:03: Allan's predictions...

13:59: Keilan Knight opens for 7k, Thomas Naylor calls on the Button, Paul Chew from the SB and Wayne Grieve from the BB. Flop Th9s5d. Everyone checks. Turn 3c. Paul leads out for 11k, Wayne calls, Keilan calls, Thomas folds. Still 3 players. River Ts. Paul bets 27k, Wayne tank/folds, Keilan calls. Paul declares "King High" and Keilan wins with A9o. Wayne said he folded Jacks!

13:58: We have a 5 handed £1/2 NL cash game running on the side if anyone fancies some afternoon action.

13:57: Neil Khir opens to 6k on the Button, no calls.

13:56: Keilan Knight opens ones from the cut-off. No contest.

13:55: First break is in 20 minutes. Will get the top chip counts at that time.

13:54: Lee Richards tries to raise but string bets and limps for 3k. Heads up with Neil in the BB. Flop Ac6h3c. Neil checks, Lee bets about 5k. Wins it.

13:53: Wayne Grieve open-shipped a couple of times in the last 5 minutes but no callers, just stole the blinds and antes.

13:52: Thomas Ward out now too. The #1 FRS ranked player is gone!

13:50: Other eliminations from earlier include Sam Ieong, Rokas A, Graham Doherty, Wayne Shinnie, Steven Smith, Alan Robertson and Keith Douglas.

13:49: Thomas Ward shoves his remaiing stack all in. No callers. Shows Aces!

13:48: Looks like Nicholas Law is out...

13:42: Neil Khir (pictured below) opens to 6.5k in the cut-off, Thomas Naylor calls on the Button then Thomas Ward 3bets to 19.3k from the BB. Neil then 4bet shoves for about 95k. Naylor folds and Ward goes into the tank. He eventually calls, showing 88. Neil has KK. The Kings hold and Thomas Ward is down to less than 20k. Full double up for Neil Khir.

13:40: The final 36! I'm watching Table 3 at the moment.

13:36: Daryl Benton ships and Marius V re-ships. It's 99 vs TT. Marius holds and Daryl is sent packing.

13:35: Down to 37/50/176 players. Table 5 with Spikey will break up once we lose one more player.

13:34: Les clearly found a new gear and opens the next pot as well! No callers.

13:33: Les Clark been very quiet so far but he opens this pot to 8k. The players got the message and folded.

13:32: Spike opens to 6k, wins it.

13:31: Daryl Benton open-shoves UTG. No action.

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