25/25 Aberdeen IV - Day 2 - Level 12 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 27th September 2015 @ 12:45


13:29: Keilan Knight opens to 5.1k, Spike calls, Sveinung calls, Thomas Ward (BB) calls. Flop Jd4d3c. Checked to Spike and he takes it with a 10.1k bet.

13:26: Spike is explaining the keys for poker to his table. Apparently they are "Patience, Maths and Memory".

13:25: Keilan Knight opens to 5.5k on the Button, Spike calls in the SB. Heads up. Flop As8h4s. Spike check/folds to a 7k bet.

13:22: Will Smith makes it 5.5k in the cut-off, Spike 3bets to 13.5k from the BB, Will calls. Flop AdKhTs. Spike continues for 12.2k, Will (with about 27k behind) folds. Spike shows Aces!

13:21: Gregor rooting for the Dundee Squad today...

13:20: Spike opens to 5k UTG+1, no callers. Shows Aces!

13:18: Another 5.1k open from Marius, Keilan Knight 3bets to 12k to his immediate left. Marius calls. Heads up. Flop As8s3h. Marius checks, Keilan bets 11k, Marius folds quickly.

13:15: Same open for Marius next hand. Thomas Ward 3bets to 14.2k from the SB. Back to Marius and he folds.

13:13: Marius V opens to 5.1k mid-position, no callers.

13:03: Spike opens to 5k again, Sveinung Grindheim shoves for 25k then Finley Hall re-ships for 58k! Spike goes into the tank but eventually calls with JJ. Sveinung has QQ and Finley AK. The Ladies hold for Sveinung to treble up. Spike wins the side pot and Finley is out.

13:01: Spike opens to 5k, no callers.

12:57: Kevin Whelan open-ships the Button for about 30k. Spike wakes up with AK in the BB and calls. He holds up and Kevin is out. Spike is so confident he casually sips his beer as the board runs out. 45 left.

12:56: Spike opens to 5k UTG, no callers!

12:55: Les Clark has just enjoyed a breakfast. He gives it 8/10. Not bad.

12:54: Sounds like Steven Smith is out:

12:53: There is now a bounty on Raymond "Spike" Innes' head! It's a £55 seat into G Casino Dundee's monthly tournament on Saturday 3rd October. Free money!

12:50: Table 5:

12:47: I have relocated close to Table 5 which has Spike, Les Clark and Thomas Ward on it. Brought my noise-cancelling headphones...

12:46: Still no sign of Bojidar Boiadjiev. He is currently blinding out on Table 2.

12:45: The blind levels increase from 40 to 45 minutes on Day 2. We are starting Level 2 now.

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