25/25 Aberdeen IV - Day 2 - Level 11 (1000/2000/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 27th September 2015 @ 11:20


12:43: Blinds going up! Down to 46 players.

12:42: Michael Gordon makes it 5.5k UTG+1, Rob Franks 3bets to 15k from the SB, Michael calls. Flop Td9s7c. Rob continues for a chunky 40k. Michael has a brief think but elects to fold.

12:41: Check out the results from the previous 15 x 25/25 Series Scotland events at http://www.scottishpoker.net/2525rankings.php

12:40: Rokas Asipauskas open-shoves for about 32k in mid-position on Table 2. No callers.

12:37: Good luck wishes to the field from Rob Franks (still involved himself) and Stuart Wilson (didn't make Day 2):

12:33: Michael Gordon opens to 4k in the Hijack, James Kirkwood calls from the BB. Heads up. Flop KdQs2s. James check/raises Michael 4.5k bet to 9k, Michael calls. Turn 3s. James bets 10.5k now. Michael calls. River 7c. James bets 15k. Michael thinks for a long time but calls. He has Qd8d for Second Pair. James has As2c for Bottom Pair and a missed flush draw. Michael wins.

12:32: Rob Franks takes out Rami Saleh on Table 2. 48/50 left.

12:30: On Table 3, Anders Solheim (99) an Neil Khir (AK) get it all in pre-flop. The King hits the River for Neil's double up. Anders down to less than 10k.

12:29: Mark Eadie (not partipating today) is in the poker room looking for a cash game. I asked him for his pick to win and he went for Stevie Gray.

12:23: Grant Cooper first out!

12:17: Rami limps for 2k in mid-position, James Kirkwood raises to 5.5k, Rob Franks calls in position, Kenny comes along from the BB and Rami makes it up. Flop KhJh9c. Checked to James who bets 13.5k, Rob calls, the other 2 fold. Turn 4h. James shoves all in for about 25k, Rob folds. James show QdTd for the flopped straight!

12:15: Michael Gordon makes it 5.5k UTG+1, Rami Saleh calls in position, the blinds fold. Heads up. Flop As9s2s. Michael continues for 7.5k, Rami quickly calls. Turn Kh. Michael bets again, 20k this time. Rami folds face up, showing 8c8s. Michael said afterwards he had AK, no Spade.

12:13: Kenny Fong opens to 5.5k UTG+1, Sam Ieong (SB) calls. Heads up. Flop Qh6d4h. Sam checks, Kenny bets 9k. Sam folds.

12:12: Rob Franks (Dundee leg winner from earlier this year) has arrived and joined Table 2. Rob is actually the only previous 25/25 winner left in the field today.

12:11: Michael Gordon opens, Rokas Asipauskas 3bets from the Button but folds when Michael 4bet-shoves.

12:09: Boaby Jardine put a 2 Pint bounty on Spike's head on Friday. We are unsure if it is still valid for Day 2. Boaby, please let us know.

12:08: Kenny Font opens to 5.5k in the cut-off. Rami Saleh calls from the BB. Flop JhTs7s. Rami checks, Kenny bets 8k. Rami gives it up.

12:05: Still on Table 2, James Kirkwood opens to 5k again. No contest this time. Bojidar Boiadjiev hasn't arrived yet and he was in the BB. Rob Franks on this table also hasn't arrived yet!

12:04: On Table 2, James Kirkwood opens to 5k in late position, Michael Gordon calls from the BB for heads up. Flop Qs8s3s. Michael checks, James shoves all in for about 30k. Michael folds.

12:00: We are under way on schedule. Still quite a few players that haven't arrived yet. Get a move on!

11:51: Players taking their seat and unbagging their chips now. We kick off in 9 minutes.

11:47: Dundee's Number 1 Poker Couple, Jake and Morag, backing different horses today:

11:45: From the group of 10 Norwegians from Bergen who playfed yesterday 4 have made it through to Day 2.

11:42: 15 prizes so still 35 players to go before we get in the money. It's gonna be a looooong day.

1st £10,570
2nd £6,860
3rd £4,400
4th £2,960
5th £2,040
6th £1,480
7th £1,160
8th £980
9th £880
10th £780
11th £710
12th £630
13th £630
14th £560
15th £560

11:39: The seating by table:

11:33: Please keep the tweets coming today with #2525aberdeen. I really appreciate them and they help make the blog more interesting. Thanks again.

11:29: Here's a reminder of the Top 10 in the Fowler Ranking System (FRS). In Day 2 we have Thomas Ward (#1), Les Clark (#2), Graham Doherty (#6) and Ian Wright (#10) remaining. Maybe there is something to the system after all? The comments beside each player are the personal opinions of FRS creator, Lewis Fowler.

(1) Thomas Ward - Biggest live casher and most consistent casher of all time in the ukipt. Hasn't done anything for a while though. Oobviously partying too much.

(2) Les Clark - The Admiral. Aberdeen's very own all time casher.

(3) Martin Suttcliffe - Aberdeen's best cash player whether live or online.

(4) Andrew Moore - Chopped the sunday million on stars 3 ways and played on for the rest finishing 3rd. Also had lots of other decent cashes online and 3rd in the Dundee Masters but doesn't get to play as much nowadays as working abroad a lot.

(5) Boaby Jardine - Binked one 25/25 and final tabled 3 others.

(6) Graham Doherty - Doesn't play as much live as he used to but was player of the summer series festival in Aberdeen and some decent online cashes over the years.

(7) Alex Ferguson - Crushed the 25/25 last time it was in Aberdeen. Also one of the biggest movers up the FRS after that result. Doesn't seem to be spewing his stack off or getting upset these days. Mst be chilling out with old age.

(8) Murray John Pauline - Doesn't play a lot but when he played the old Gala casino in Aberdeen he said "no deal" on final table so respect there and that was only his 3rd live tourney. Also was down in the Genting the other week and cashed plus he is the Aberdeen G Casino Manager and gives me everything for free. That alone is worth top 10 entry for looking after his punters.

(9) Mindaugas Kriauciunas - Very solid and consistent casher. Just doesn't seem to be able to get a first place unless it's a weekly night tourney in Aberdeen.

(10) Ian Wright - Very aggressive on the tables. Hates when you play back at him though. Got decent all round game.


11:26: Dennis Shaw fancies Dundee player Scott Maxwell FTW today. Scott has 2 previous FT appearances at 25/25 Scotland events and has cashed for a total of £4,120.

11:24: Raymond "Spike" Innes says he's currently practicing his winner's pose. What a GOAT! He has 1 previous 25/25 Scotland cash for £1,660.

11:21: 50 remain from the 176 that started. 15 places paid with £10,570 for 1st. Who do you fancy to take it down? Please comment below.

11:20: Day 2 seat draw:

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