25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight C - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 26th September 2015 @ 21:15


21:52: Last break in a couple of minutes then 2 more levels before we end this thing. 34/69 left.

21:48: Wayne G opens to 3.6k, Sindre S 3bets and Wayne calls. Flop 8d5h2c. Sindre bets 15k, Wayne folds it.

21:42: Wayne Shinnie raises to 3.8k after a limp, Ross Loggie calls on the Buton but both fold when Wayne Grieve shoves all in for about 70k from the SB. Afterwards Wayne G said he had QQ and Wayne S said he folded AK.

21:37: John Angus trending downwards with 14k.

21:32: Chip counts from a few local legends of the game:

Andriy Myro 60k
Stevie Gray 65k
Boaby Jardine 34k
Kenny Fong 30k

21:25: Ian opens to 2.5k in the cut-off, Wayne Grieve 3bets to 8k on the button, Ian calls (declaring that it's a "Spite Call"). Flop 8h8d6c. Check/Check. Turn 3d. Ian shoves for about 20k. Wayne calls with AJ (Ace High). It's good at the moment vs Ian's Td7d but the River brings the Flush for Ian and he doubles up. Wayne's stack been taking quite a few hits in his new table.

21:20: Wayne Shinnie opens for 3k UTG+1, Ian Wright calls on the Button, Sveinung G likes it from the BB too. Flop 6s3h3d. Sveinung checks, Wayne bets 3.8k, Ian folds, Sveinung calls. Turn 9d. Sveinung checks, Wayne checks. River Qc. Sveinung checks, Wayne bets 6.7k. Sveinung gives it up.

21:19: Robert Cumming limps for 1k, Ian Wright makes it 4.4k from the SB and Wayne Grieve 3bets to 11k from the BB! Back to Ian and he...... mucks it.

21:18: Andriy Myro still alive with about 23k if anyone is interested?

21:16: A4 must be Sindre Skjelanger's favourite hand as he's just eliminated William Morrison with it! Willam had QQ and they got it all in on the T44 Flop.

21:15: New level! 38/69 left.

26th September 2015 @ 21:22
Fergie still in? Got a stack? Over the top noise level?
26th September 2015 @ 21:25
He busted not long ago to Stevie Gray. 99 vs JJ.
26th September 2015 @ 21:35
Ladies and Gentlemen of Aberdeen
I give to you thec@t
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