25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight C - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 26th September 2015 @ 20:23


21:12: The news from Table 1 is that Alex Ferguson is out. Sounds like his 99 vs Stevie Gray's JJ couldn't get there.

21:09: Ian Wright makes it 2k UTG+1 this time, Wayne Grieve 3bets to 4.1k in position, Sindre Skjelanger calls in the cut-off and Ian calls too. Flop Ah6c4h. Ian checks, Wayne bets 6k, Sindre makes it 12k, Ian folds, Wayne calls. Turn 9d, Wayne check/calls a 6k bet. River 2s. Wayne checks, Sindre shoves all in for about 8k. Wayne calls. Sindre shows A4o for 2 pair and it's a winner.

21:07: Ross Loggie opens to 2k UTG+1, Ian Wright calls on his immediate left and the 2 blinds come along. Flop AA3. Checked around. Turn 4s. Loggie bets 3.5k and takes it down.

21:03: Gaute Lilletveit open-shoves for 6,650 from middle position, Ross Loggie calls. It's QhTh vs KsQs. Loggie holds and sends Gaute to the rail.

21:02: On Table 2, Wayne Shinnie limps for 800, Ian Wright raises to 3k in the cut-off, Sveinung Grindheim calls in the SB and Wayne joins the party. Flop QcJs3h. Sveinung leads for 5k and gets takes it down.

21:00: The two big stacks, Ross Loggie and Wayne Grieve, now on the same table (#2):

20:54: Dennis asking for a John Angus update. He has about 21k. Still plenty for a top grinder like John.

20:53: Table 6 broken up. Down to 5 tables of 9 now. 45/69 left.

20:52: Wayne Grieve's stack:

20:51: Ross Loggie's stack:

20:49: On Table 2, Ross Loggie (plenty chips) opens to 2k UTG, Ian Wright calls then Sindre Skjelenger 3bets to 7k on the Button. Nae callers though as everyone gives it up.

20:46: Any tweets with #2525aberdeen still welcome. Blog comments or requests for specific player updates also most welcome. Basically, talk to me please!

20:39: And here is Boaby Jardine, now sporting a stylish green wig:

20:30: Here are the results from BOABY-CAM:

20:38: Tap Stacks. 47 left from 69.

Wayne Grieve 123k
Ross Loggie 110k
Simon Yates 80k
Rokas Asipauskas 70k
Bruce McKay 60k
Wayne Shinnie 55k
Boaby Jardine 48k
Kenny Fong 46k

20:23: Break time.

26th September 2015 @ 20:48
Jon Jernigan
Good pictues Boaby. Rokas for a late rally today and win tomorrow! Still like Les C. and Don W. for the final table.GL all.
26th September 2015 @ 20:50
Latest on scotspro please, and an update from the blackjack table. Fantastic blog as always tip of the hat sit
26th September 2015 @ 20:56
Scots Pro busted twice quite a while ago. No longer participating :-(
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