25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight C - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 26th September 2015 @ 19:41


20:20: Break time!

20:10: Boaby Jardine has borrowed my camera and is off taking some snaps of the room. Will update them in a bit. Boaby-cam!

20:01: Payouts confirmed!

1st £10,570
2nd £6,860
3rd £4,400
4th £2,960
5th £2,040
6th £1,480
7th £1,160
8th £980
9th £880
10th £780
11th £710
12th £630
13th £630
14th £560
15th £560

19:53: Wayne Grieve limps for 600 then short stack Lee Richards makes it 1.6k, Bruce McKay in the SB calls, Boaby J in the BB calls and Wayne likes it too. 4-way to the Flop which is Jh3d2c and everyone checks (Lee has only 6,025 behind). Turn 6d and Lee shoves his 6,025 all in when checked to. Boaby is the only caller with 6s5s but Lee has AA. The 7d River doesn't help Boaby and Lee doubles up. Wayne says he folded the Flush Draw on the Turn but Lee does not believe him.

19:48: Allan Reid please return to the poker room; it looks like you still have chips left! They're just the chips 'n' cheese that you ordered but they are here waiting if you're still in the building. Boaby Jardine has his eye on them so I would recommend being fast about it.

19:44: Looks like the tide wasn't turning for Allan Reid after all as he's just been eliminated by Wayne Grieve! Not sure of the full action but most of the money went in on the River where Allan had Ks7s for 2 pair but Wayne had flopped a Set of Tens.

19:40: Blinds up!

26th September 2015 @ 19:58
Dennis shaw
You're a legend Martin great blogging
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