25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight C - Level 5 (200/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 26th September 2015 @ 18:58


19:34: Still on Table 6, Lee Richards opens to 1.1k and Allan Reid calls in position. Heads up to the AsKsTd flop and Lee bets 1.5k, Allan calls. Turn 2c. Check/Check. River 7d. Check/Check. Allan wins with 8d2d, bottom pair which he hit on the Turn. Allan has won the last 4 pots at this time so maybe the tide is turning for him...

19:31: On Allan's table Robert Cumming raises small from the SB into Allan's BB and Allan shoves all in (Q4o). Robert has A8 and calls (he has just over 10k I think). Nae bother for Allan who Flops Trip Queens and holds to eliminate Robert.

19:25: Allan Reid apparently not doing so well with Aces tonight...

19:23: Dennis Shaw rooting for John Angus to do well. Just checked in with him and he has about 38k.

19:22: Alex Ferguson called over from Table 1 to declare that he has won his first hand since Friday. Moving in the right direction now at least...

19:17: William Morrison opens to 1.1k in the cut-off then Ian Wright 3bets to 3.2k from the SB but Chris Barclay cold-4bets to 6.4k from the BB! William folds, Ian calls. Flop QdTd9c. Ian checks, Chris bets 5k. Ian calls. Turn 6h. Ian shoves for about 15k, Chris snap-calls. Ian shows QTo for Top 2 Pair and Chris has KK. Ian holds for his double up.

19:15: Love the 25/25 Series events? We have 2 more in Scotland before the end of 2015:

  • Dundee: 29th October - 1st November 2015
  • Edinburgh: 3rd-6th December 2015

19:09: Rob Franks has decided to turn up for Day 2 tomorrow instead of keeping his golf date. He is already through from last night with 163.5k.

19:07: Rejus Zemaitis out.

19:05: 56/69 remaining...

18:59: More Aces vs Kings on Table 3. This time Stig Knut Gravdal is eliminated.

18:58: Alex Ferguson's table must be really boring because he just walked over to Table 2 to ask Ian Wright and Ross Loggie if they've watched Narcos on Netflix yet.

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