25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight C - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 26th September 2015 @ 17:59


18:56: Rob Franks sends his congratulations to Andriy on his AA win. Rob actually knocked Andiry out late into Flight B last night!

18:49: I'm taking a short break to have a wee sandwich. Back soon!

18:37: On Table 3, Andriy opens for 700 UTG, Connor Elrick 3bets to 2.2k in position. Back to Andriy and he 4bets to 5.2k but the action isn't over as Connor 5bets to 12.7k then calls when Andriy 6bet shoves (I think the effective stack was about 20k). Andriy has AA and Connor KK. An Ace in the window puts the hurt on Connor and he can't find the right back door to get out of jail. Connor Elrick eliminated.

18:30: Looks like 69 entries today and 176 total is the final count. Prize payouts will be confirmed a bit later.

18:26: Wayne limps again the next hand, this time UTG. William Morrison raises to 600 and Chris Barclay calls on the Button. Wayne sticks in the extra 300 after both blinds fold. Flop Kh8c3s. William bets 1.5k, Chris calls, Wayne folds. Turn 7s. Check/Check. River 3c. William check/calls a 1.5k bet from Chris. Chris wins with Qd8d.

18:24: Wayne Shinne limps for 300 UTG+1, Koyes Miah does too right next to him and Rejus Zemaitis comes along on the Button. Both blinds are happy to see the Flop which arrives as AdQc6d. Wayne bets 900 when checked to and takes it doon.

18:18: Back in action. On table 2, Chris Barclay limps for 300 UTG+1. Wayne Shinnie and Koyes Miah come along too. SB folds and Ian Wright checks the BB. Flop 9h8c6c. Ian leads for 525, Wayne calls. Heads up. Turn 5d. Ian bets 2k, Wayne calls. River 8s. Ian checks, Wayne checks. Both players are reluctant to show their cards but eventually Ian declares Queen High and Wayne shows Kc3c for the King High win.

18:13: Please tweet some stuff. I'm lonely.

18:11: Looks like 69 entries today and 176 total. Prize pool at £35,200. Still 5 mins to accept entries though...

18:10: Some of the top stacks from the first break:

James Kirkwood 65k
Ross Loggie 55k
Wayne Grieve 50k
William Morrison 46k
Michael Gordon 45k
Shane Ross 44k
Simon Yates 42k
Sveinung Grindeim 41k
Mark Gillan 40k
Rokas Asipauskas 40k
Keilan Knight 38k
Roar Ulvatn 35k
William Geddes 35k

18:00: Break time. Chip counts coming soon. Up to 66 today and 173 total. Prize pool £34,600.

26th September 2015 @ 18:31
Jonny P
69 entries today! It's a sign Craig Spowart. Good luck to you and the Kray (Morrison) twins! Remember if in doubt, plays as Jonny plays!
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