25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight C - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 26th September 2015 @ 16:41


17:17: Sindre Skejelanger opens to 300 UTG+1, Ian Wright calls in the SB. Heads up. Jd5h3d flop and Ian check/folds.

17:06: Lewis makes it 1,025 blind UTG, Ian Wright calls in position, Sveinung Grindheim calls on the Button then Kenny Fong 3bets to 4.5k from the BB and Lewis snap-shoves all in for about 14.5k (still blind). Ian folds but Sveinung calls and Kenny then shoves the rest of his stack in. Sveinung calls and shows KK, Kenny has QQ and Lewis shows 94o. The board runs out clean for Sveinung, he takes Lewis out and puts Kenny down to about 8k.

17:04: Lewis Fowler makes it 1.4k (he's playing blind), Wililam Morrison calls in position for heads up. Flop Qh9d8c. Lewis checks, William bets 1.5k, Lewis snap-calls. Turn 6d. Lewis checks, William checks. River 2s. Lewis leads fo 2.5k, William folds.

17:03: Boaby Jardine, Jamie "Hammy" Munro and Wayne Grieve on Table 6:

16:54: Ross Loggie first one out I believe. He's re-entered on Table 2 with Ian Wright and Lewis Fowler though. 53 entries now.

16:51: Allan Reid making more predictions today...

16:48: Gaute Lilletveit limps UTG, Kenny completes the SB and Lewis Fowler makes it 650 from the BB. Gaute calls and Kenny folds. Flop Ks9h5h. Lewis takes it with a c-bet.

16:45: Jon Jernigan commented below to ask when Ian Wright got out of jail and linked to this news article. I think it could be a case of mistake identity though, not sure.

16:41: William Morrison opens for 400 on the button, Ian Wright calls from the SB for heads up. Flop AsKcTs. Ian check/calls a 600 bet. Turn 2h. Ian leads now for 1.6k, William calls. River 8s (completing the front door flush draw). Ian bets 2.8k. William tanks for a while and calls. Ian shows A2 for 2 pair and it's good.

16:40: Starting Level 2 now. 52 entries today and 159 overall. Prize pool at £31,800.

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