25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight C - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 26th September 2015 @ 22:49


23:46: 22/69 made it through. Here are their stacks:

Lee Richards 179,300
Andriy Myro 133,500
Steven Gray 116,700
Ian Wright 115,700
Kenny Fong 108,200
Sveinung Grindheim 106,200
Daniell Paterson 101,200
Anders Solheim 89,600
Kevin Whelan 88,400
Wayne Grieve 87,200
Michael Gordon 69,400
Andrew McKeever 68,000
Roar Ulvatn 66,500
Wayne Shinnie 55,600
Rokas Asipauskas 50,000
Sindre Skjelanger 49,000
Neil Khir 48,600
Keilan Knight 47,400
Simon John 43,300
Ross Loggie 38,700
Craig Spowart 37,700
James Kirkwood 36,400

23:32: It's all over! Players bagging up their chips now. Will get the counts published as soon as possible. See you all tomorrow at 12pm.

23:30: Stevie Gray has made Day 2. The rail is going wild again!

23:26: We are playing the last 4 hands now. 24 left. Alex Ferguson (on one of the cash tables) is describing it as a "nitty session" with so many still involved.

23:17: Ian opens UTG to 3.8k. One caller, Robert Cumming. Flop Kd9c3s. Ian bets 5.2k, Robert calls. Turn Jd. Ian bets 15.5k, Robert tank/raises to 40k. Ian says he was blind the whole hand and just looked now. He has Top Pair and decides to stick it all in. The total bet is 41k. Robert calls the 1k extra. Robert has J9 for 2 pair and Ian K6. The River comes.... a Six! Ian gets his double up. The rail goes wild!

23:16: Ian is trying to get busy opening a lot of pots but the last 2 he's folded to chunky pre-flop 3bets.

23:13: Ian Wright has 55k. He says he has a golf time at 11.50am tomorrow and if he doesn't get to 100k he's going to play golf instead of poker.

23:10: 18 minutes to go. We'll stop the clock at 8 minutes as usual and pick 3, 4 or 5 hands at random to finish of the day.

23:00: Long hand there on Table 2. Wayne Shinnie opens UTG to 3.6k, Ian Wright 3bets in position to 8.5k, Sveinung G call in the SB, Sindre S in the BB cold-4bets to 16k, Wayne folds, Ian calls, Sveinung calls. Flop Qs9h4h, Sveinung leads out for 10k, Sindre tanks for a long time then folds, Ian folds quickly.

22:59: The Final 26:

22:53: Lee Richards looks like he has about 180k now.

22:50: Last level of Flight C, baby. 27/69 left.

26th September 2015 @ 23:00
Dennis shaw.
Not long now Martin great effort , early bed tonight mate. Another long day tomorrow.
27th September 2015 @ 0:51
Good blog Martin
27th September 2015 @ 11:24
Thanks guys.
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