25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight C - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 26th September 2015 @ 15:32


16:37: Next hand Ian Wright raises to 300 UTG. Only William Morrison calls from the BB. Flop Js8s2d. William check/calls Ian's 400 bet. Turn Qc. Check/Check. River 8h. William leads for 1k and Ian quickly releases.

16:32: On Table 2, Ian Wright opens to 250 UTG+1, Sveinung Grindheim and Kenny Fong both call in position plus Lewis F comes along in the SB and Gaute Lilletveit in the BB. Flop KsQd6d. Ian bets 700 when checked to, Sveinung calls, Kenny calls then Lewis and Gaute both fold. Still 3 palyers. Turn Td. Ian checks after a wee think, Sveinung checks, Kenny bets 1.5k. back to Ian and he calls. Sveinung, in the middle, folds. Heads up. River 7c. Ian leads for 1.8k. Kenny raises to 4.1k! Ian folds.

16:31: Ian Wright also here for his first bullet of the event. He's on Table 2 with Lewis Fowler.

16:27: Up to 50 players today so 157 overall. Still plenty of time to register today as well. Here's a reminder of the Flight A & B qualifiers. Lewis Walker is the man to beat with a whopping 310,800.

Flight A (15 players)

Thomas Naylor 206,400
Shahid Mahmood 155,200
Scott Maxwell 135,100
Don Walker 110,600
GK Kamal 93,100
Thomas Ward 76,900
Les Sim 75,700
Les Clark 74,100
Finley James Hall 70,600
Daryl Benton 68,600
Grant Cooper 66,000
Gary Whyte 53,900
Bojidar Boiadjiev 50,200
Robert Grant 45,300
Sam Ieong 43,500

Flight B (13 players)

Lewis Walker 310,800
Paul Chew 216,100
Robert Franks 163,500
Rami Saleh 101,800
Marius Varanavicius 87,300
Will Smith 87,200
Graham Doherty 65,900
Alan Robertson 65,500
Jonathan McRitchie 60,900
Nicholas Law 57,500
Raymond Innes 45,800
Steven Smith 47,600
Keith Douglas 39,900

16:25: A few other snaps from around the room:

16:24: Ian Morrison

16:23: Ross Loggie joined us today from Edinburgh:

16:21: Rob Franks wishes good luck to all Flight C players today. Rob made it through from Flight B last night with a nice 163,500 stack so we'll see him back for Day 2 tomorrow at 12pm.

16:20: David Girdwood is here. He was a wee bit upset that he wasn't featured on the Top Trumps on the Flight A blog. If he makes Day 2 maybe I'll be generous and pull one together for him...

16:19: John Angus is here looking for his 6th 25/25 Series cash. He's already leading everyone else with 5.

16:16: Just got the table draw for today. Up to 39 entries.

16:09: Our Aberdeen Strategy Correspondent, Lewis Fowler, is in the field today. He provided insights on the table draws for Flights A & B over the last couple of days and also gave us permission to include the FRS (Fowler Ranking System) on the blog. Best of luck to him today.

16:03: Olga Korchmar has been following the Aberdeen poker scene for a long time. I caught up with her this afternoon to ask who she thought would win the 25/25 weekend and she said, "I can't see past Roy Rimmer. He's always been a star player in my eyes. He's so sexy too."

Roy hasn't played so far but maybe he'll make an appearance at Flight C today. One to watch...

16:01: Quickly up to 35, and the guarantee has already been exceeeded. Lots of players with "Kort & Cognac" t-shirts in the field today:

15:58: Starting now with 27 players:

15:51: Please keep your tweets coming all day with #2525aberdeen - thanks!

15:50: David Girdwood is wearing his lucky pants so watch out for a solid performance from him...

15:47: Already 18 people registered to start play at 4pm today.

15:45: Here is the 25/25 Series Scotland Gallery of Champions. A new face, or perhaps the first repeat offender, will be added tomorrow night!

15:38: Aberdeen lost a popular poker player this week in Mike Larkins who sadly passed away on Wednesday. Stuart Wilson has written a few words about Mike below:

Mike Larkins was a true gent who loved his game of poker and played at both G Aberdeen and Rainbow. Mike was one of the original Aberdeen crew who played in Dundee 20+ years ago when it was the Mecca for Poker. Mike always had time for everyone and always had a smile on his face. Whenever he lost a hand, the same statement would come out "Unbaaaleevable" and a shake of the head! Certainly a character who will be missed by many... RIP Mike Larkins

15:30: Here we go! The last flight for 25/25 Series Aberdeen starts in 30 minutes and you can register up until 6.15pm.

26th September 2015 @ 16:35
Jon Jernigan
Good to hear. When did Cat get out of jail? http://sportsmasher.com/2015/04/02/florida-couple-arrested-for-selling-golden-tickets-to-heaven-for-99/
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