25/25 Aberdeen IV - Flight B - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 26th September 2015 @ 1:01


01:45: Massive double up for Lewis Walker! He made a Set of 3s and got his 131k stack all in on the Turn vs Rami Saleh's AA. No Ace was forthcoming and Lewis will be the flight and overall tournament chip leader now! Rami down to about 25k.

01:43: Down to 2 x 9 handed tables now.

01:40: William Morrison out next hand with J5. He runs into Spike's AA! Spike won the hand but is moaning that he only got 10k from it. 18/54 remain. About 50 minutes left to play.

01:38: Double up for Spikey with QQ all in pre-flop vs William Morrison's AQ. Raymond held up and how has about 7k. William is very short now. Looks like less than 10k.

01:21: Andriy finally exits! He was all in with KT vs Rob Frank's AT and didn't improve. Down to 19 now.

01:19: Andriy wins the next hand and is up to 5.5k! Top pair holds vs Spike's Flush Draw and over card.

01:15: Next hand he's all in and gets up to 1.1k with 97o vs Spike's Ah3h.

01:14: Disaster for Andriy Myro! His QQ goes down to KK. He is left with 200 chips! Yes, 2 antes!

01:00: Players on a break. Here are the full (approx) chip counts for the final 20 competitors tonight:

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